Gaming Age: Yakuza 4 Review

If you've never checked out a Yakuza title before, don't be afraid to jump in with part four. There's a nice feature at the onset of the game that'll allow you to catch up plot wise, but even without that, I don't feel like you'd be too lost on what's going on. And for the long time fans that felt their interest going by the wayside after Yakuza 3, I urge you to check out Yakuza 4, as I think you'll find yourself falling in love with the series all over again.

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P_Bomb4768d ago

Sweet. Works out to a 91/100.


8 Yakuza games coming to PlayStation Plus in 2022, starting this month

Includes Yakuza: Like A Dragon and the entire  Kazuma Kiryu saga.

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Majin-vegeta631d ago

I already own all these digital+physical.So good to see more people will get to enjoy them.

Wonder why Fist of North Star isnt being added

italiangamer630d ago

Because it's not a Yakuza game, simple as that.

CrimsonWing69630d ago

Yep, licensing fees and whatnot.

RpgSama630d ago

So excited about the next Yakuza Like a Dragon I enjoyed that game much more than I thought K would have, went and got the platinum and everything.

IMissJimRyan630d ago

Yeah. I played them on GamePass, but it's good to others play those games.

Mobis-New-Nest630d ago

I'm still wondering why Horizon Forbidden West Delux Edition hasn't been added yet. Still hopeful it might get added in September 2022. Come Sony, do the smart business move and add all your first party games Day 1 on PlayStation Plus Premium.

mkis007630d ago (Edited 630d ago )

How is that smart? you just admitted to want to spend $18 for one month whenever a game comes out rather than $70 per game? Their sales are perfectly fine so low sales isn't a valid reason. Relying on subscription numbers is a losing game. You can't guarantee enough people will sub. 20 million subs doesn't beat 10 million copies sold at $30. (my average of the cost of a game over 3 years) For one game you make 300 million vs for the sub plan at 20 million paying 10 dollars a month (200 million) you have to pay out to all those developers before you can even count your money.

No chance it comes to plus plus this year. It will come when sales die down.

SeTTriP630d ago

This is a dumb idea for a franchise thats almost certain to hit 10mil lifetime.they would lose 10's if not a hundred million dollars.

Two years from now when the horizons, ghost and gow's do come to the service xbox might be in trouble.they have nothing to compete with this line even years down the line.

Its called strategy.

SeTTriP630d ago

I just brought judgement the game is great don't know how I missed it so now I'm planning on buying all the yakuza games so this is great for me.

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andy85630d ago

It's early days but this new service is looking better and better. The full Yakuza series! And with the monthly games this month too. Fantastic month

Muigi630d ago

Never played any of them, good excuse now to try these out.

SegaSaturn669630d ago

That was the only Yakuza game I was missing. Might be the best month of all time for me.

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neutralgamer1992982d ago

I just could not get into like a dragon I love Yakuza series but when they went with turn based combat it just was not for me. I hope future entries go back to its original roots or at least every now and then have a game where is real Time brawler combat

We do have judgement so at least there are other similar games being made by same developers

Yi-Long982d ago

I liked most of the Yakuza games I’ve played, and I (mostly) did enjoy the new direction they took with ‘Like a Dragon’ and its new fighting system. It was a welcome change of pace. Its JRPG turn-based fighting system wasn’t perfect, but it was a good first attempt on which they can expand and build. Didn’t like the damage-sponge boss-fights though, which felt more like a chore instead of tactically taking out your opponent.

Deathdeliverer982d ago

I’m sorry but no way is like a dragon better than Yakuza 0, 4,5, or 6. It’s different with a lighter hearted tone a lot of times. Plenty of slapstick and jokes. It literally feels like a DLC compared to the main Yakuza games. Unless you simply don’t like action games maybe… but going through the underground arenas, fighting the mini bosses randomly on the streets on different games for money or exp (like the guy in the gold suit for example). Not to mention the mini games, which Like a dragon has some too, but not as good as most other Yakuzas. Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing Yakuza from the beginning. It’s like the metal gear rpg/card collector that was on PSP or Vita. It was a cool game and a lot of fun, but it wasn’t a METAL GEAR. It was fun for what it was. I don’t believe this person actually played through all the Yakuzas. Probably gamepassed like a dragon and dabbled in the others to get an idea.

neutralgamer1992982d ago

Yakuza 4 is such an underrated game and zero is what made the series have legit string foot outside of Japan

Like a dragon in my opinion isn't on the same category quality wise. It's story and characters aren't as interesting

isarai982d ago

Same, been there since the first on PS2, but you're gonna get a lot of disagrees. Many people defending Yakuza 7 weren't fans of the previous games, or only dabbled, and they seem to outweigh diehard fans like you and me. So it's pretty much like trying to shout over a crowd. This is what the Yakuza series is from now on, Judgement is our compromise, but it seems even that is in the air lately given some behind the scenes conflict apparently.