Dead Space First Look by GameSpot

From the playable build GameSpot saw, Dead Space will move and look like survival horror -- emphasis on horror, survival barely a whisper. The calamity takes place several centuries into the future when humanity has begun a process known as planet cracking. Huge ships enter dead solar systems and tear up entire chunks of terra firma. These ships then smelt that terra firma into precious minerals and resources. It's only a matter of time before one ship bites off more than it can chew -- or perhaps bites something that can chew back...

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nobizlikesnowbiz4080d ago

Article in last issue of GameInformer.

Game really does look pretty awesome.

Almighty4080d ago

This game looks awesomely generic. Looks decent and sounds cool.

Rockstar4080d ago

in Gameinformer mag.

This game sounds like it's going to be awesome.