Review: Lord of Arcana (Crush! Frag! Destroy!)

CFD!'s Rob Rich digs into Square Enix's attempt to emulate aspects of the Monster Hunter franchise:

"Long ago, a powerful king beat the crap out of a bunch of monsters, which somehow lead to the creation of the land of Horodyn. Then the king mysteriously disappeared almost as quickly as he’d arrived. Each of the defeated monsters was sealed inside an Arcana stone, waiting for a warrior strong enough to give them a thorough spanking to come around so they could lend said warrior their powers. What the Arcana power is all about and why it’s so important for this hero to acquire it is a big mystery; one you probably won’t care about in the slightest."

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RobsteinOne3702d ago

It bounces back-and-forth between being fun and tiresome, but I think it's safe to say I liked Lord of Arcana.

Ndigity3702d ago

I still haven't had time to play the one Monster Hunter game I happened to purchase, so chances are I'll completely overlook this.