Interview: The man who killed Starsiege: Tribes (part 1)

How did a six-year-old, critically-acclaimed game franchise die and why has it been so hard to revive? Who and what killed it? Chris Mahnken, the producer for Tribes: Vengeance, tells us about the events that 'killed' the franchise's hopeful revival and its final installment released in 2004. Chris also offers thoughts for the new owners of the franchise at HiRez studios, who will once again try to revive the franchise with their forthcoming titles Tribes Ascend this year and Tribes Universe later on.

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mc-fine3831d ago

Awesome read. I really felt Tribes: Vengeance had potential but it felt rushed and they cut support not long after release. I thought the combat aspect was awesome but reading that confirms the suspicion of the lack of support from Vivendi.

Tribes:Ascend is doomed unfortunately. Unless they do something crazy like make a console game with the intention of it being played with mouse and keyboard there is no hope.