Top 10 Worst Videogame Movie Adaptations of All Time

It is widely known that trying to translate a good game into a film usually doesn't end up very well, but let's see which are the Top 10 Worst Video Game Movie adaptations of all time!

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Warprincess1164836d ago

I don't know about you guys but i love the resident evil movies. They were really good. RE 1 and 2 were the best but after that. It just fell apart.

RedDead4836d ago

To me RE1 was an OK movie, nothing more than that. Re2 mediocre,RE3 terrible, RE4 mediocre

hay4836d ago

Someone forgot about Double Dragon.

I was enjoying SMB movie when it came out. But I was dumb as hell back then so it's quite self explanatory.

shuuwai4836d ago

Top Five Worst Movie for video games are:

5. BloodRayne
5. Alone in the dark.
4. House of the Dead.
3. Street Fighter the movie.
2. Mario.
1. Double Dragon.

Overall, Uwe Boll is a bad Director.

jakethesnake4836d ago

Doom. Of all the ones I have seen, nothing could be worse than the Doom movie.

shuuwai4835d ago


Alone in the dark ...
Their HQ office that's only room.
elite team wearing the best of the best.
black t-shirts, laser tag gear.

And all their money when into 3d monster model;however, even than the model monster did not fit into the movie, the reason is there was no effect composting team to make the char fit into live action scene.

and the sex action scene made the movie fail even more.

Megaton4836d ago

I saw the SMB movie in the theater.

...and Street Fighter...

...and Mortal Kombat.

elbeasto864836d ago

Mortal Kombat wasn't that bad compared to the sequel. Also, I liked SMB as a kid. Scared to watch it now tho...

Megaton4836d ago (Edited 4836d ago )

The crowd was pumped at the MK showing I went to. It was on opening day. Everyone cheered when the music started and the MK symbol hit the screen.

TheDivine4836d ago

I loved mario as a kid, that goomba on the pic is epic LOL. I acually liked the prince of persia movie. It was nothing like the games really but it was a good fun flik. Most are just horrible though, i just watched doa on tv the other night omg it was horrible.

kramun4836d ago

The only decent videogame to movie adaption I can think of is Silent Hill. It was surreal and weird, just like the game really, but it was well done. I can't think of any others that were any good. Doom had some good moments but it was pretty bad overall.

Lamarthedancer4836d ago (Edited 4836d ago )

The first person shooter scene in Doom was pretty good and was a nice little surprize to me. If they stuck to the story and had them as monsters from Hell then that scene would of been 10 times better

Silent hill was good aswell but the sequel I think will kill it. They should of stuck with the story of SH2 and continue the story from the first SH film with the story elements from the SH2. I mean a letter from a mans dead wife who is at silent hill, that would of fit perfect with the ending of the Silent Hill film since Rose's husband thinks she's gone and she's stuck in Silent hill.

kramun4836d ago

Yeah, the first person scene was a nice touch. I think they had plenty to work with, and they could have produced something really special. But as usual it was a simple cash-in. It was slightly better than most game adaptions, but it still didn't make for a great film.

I'd love to actually have a really good game based film, but money talks in pretty much all cases. They just make something vaguely similar to what the film is based on and cash in on the name alone.

darren_poolies4836d ago

Timothy Olyphant is an awesome actor and I actually quite liked Hitman.

BigBoss074836d ago

I thought that the Hitman movie was quite decent. The games are very open-ended and are scattered memories or assassination through 47's career. To me, it seemed like they tried to make it like the games when in truth, the games have no plot to work with.

Overall, it kept me interested and Timothy did a swell job for the part he played.

gaden_malak4836d ago

My problem with Hitman is he wasn't very Hitman-ish. He didn't have the traits the we expect Agent 47 to have.

BigBoss074835d ago

True, I can agree they could have pick someone with a stronger and darker prescence, but for doing what the director asked of him, Timothy did the best job he could to portray the role.