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Bioware’s final DLC mission pack for Mass Effect 2 sees Commander Shepard investigate claims that a Reaper invasion is imminent. Can Shepard save the galaxy once again, or will the Reapers finally make their way out of dark space and launch the beginning of the vicious cycle of wiping out all advanced lifeforms once again?

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Nightshade3864571d ago

Really good and fair review. I really enjoyed this DLC pack a lot and think it fits in well with the game's overall narrative.

Nate-Dog4571d ago

Cheers and thanks for reading, I appreciate the feedback. I hadn't written anything in a good few months and feared I summarised the plot a bit too much but I suppose ME2 is a story-driven game after all!

Nightshade3864571d ago

Yeah, it was spoiler heavy. But Bioware games are so heavy on narrative it's hard not to detail the plot to some extent. My own review spoiled about the first half and then teased the 2nd half.


An Update on the State of BioWare

As part of transition, BioWare is eliminating approximately 50 roles.

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robtion41d ago

Well after reading through it I would say it sounds like a complete load of corporate BS.

Meanwhile a bunch of rich EA execs will get huge bonuses for keep the numbers looking good.

thorstein41d ago


Average pay there is 80 -115k.

350 employees.

2021 revenue was 140 million.

30 million stock bonus for EA's CEO last year. His salary is 20 million.

The industry needs to unionize.

neutralgamer199241d ago

EA games= Kill the studio

Not sure why people keep selling their studios to EA. I guess money is the only factor considered

Ddavis769042d ago

The majority of them are coming from the union contractors........shocker

LordoftheCritics42d ago

Bound to happen.

Old Bioware doesn't exist.
Old Blizzard doesn't exist as well. That's why we have Season Pass Simulator 4.

Christopher42d ago

250-ish employees working on two major RPG titles and no third-party QC team. Sounds like a recipe for success.

jznrpg42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

They should use the QC team from Redfall. They will score it double digits higher than reality.

Crows9041d ago (Edited 41d ago )


You must've missed the part where devs were voicing concerns. Higher ups ignored it.

With redfall. Xbox got the final say. They chose to release an unfinished mess.

Relientk7741d ago

The Lord of the Rings Gollum game. Clearly, they have the best QC team in gaming.