Team Fortress 2: Class In Session

GameDaily breaks down the classes of Team Fortress 2, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses so that players can spend more time kicking ass and less time waiting to re-spawn.

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P4KY B4492d ago


Valve dared to be different and I hope they have lots of success with this.

Ravenator5294491d ago

Even though I am still playing Halo 3, this game is a "must own" IMO.

The art direction for TF2 looks incredible and the fact that you get Half Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2, Portal, and TF 2 all for $60 is a total steal!!

I think Steam has the actual value broken down and if you purchased each one of these seperatley, it would run you about $130.

Not to mention that most of the idiot kids will be playing Halo 3, so the community of gamers for TF2 should be pretty solid.

Vip3r4491d ago

I've been playing it for the best few days and it's one of the best MP games I've ever played. Especially with all the content you get with the Orange Box.