Disk technology takes Nobel Prize

French scientist Albert Fert and Peter Grunberg of Germany have won the 2007 Nobel Prize in physics.

They discovered the phenomenon of "giant magnetoresistance", in which weak magnetic changes give rise to big differences in electrical resistance.

The knowledge has allowed industry to develop sensitive reading tools to pull data off hard drives in computers, iPods and other digital devices.

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mighty_douche4030d ago

we be no where now if it wasnt for Hard Drives and dvd's and the like!

congrats who ever you are!

Armyless4030d ago

Free economies, NASA, and govt/military sponsored competitions (such as the one that produced the Joint Stike Fighter) have more initiative in their memo's letterhead than the whole of the Nobelpriserna.

socomnick4030d ago

We should give nasim the Nobel price too every night he fights against the overpopulation of the world..... him and his hand.