UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown to 'review' gaming

Gordon Brown, known to many as 'that bloke wot runs the country,' is to unveil a 'new review' into videogames on Tuesday.

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DiLeCtioN4028d ago

shouldnt he be worrying about the conservatives

paul_war4028d ago

Don't worry, they are not worth worrying about

riksweeney4028d ago

Everyone knows that before video games were around, there was no such thing as violence, muggings, rape or war. In fact, video games can be blamed on events such as 9/11.

The sooner video games are banned, the sooner we can all experience the peace that our ancestors enjoyed during, say, 1914 - 1918 and 1939 - 1945...

mighty_douche4028d ago

when did the first game come out? 80's? well who ever heard of a single violent act before then? go search the net, you'll find nothing, especially in the 40's, nothing!

but on a serious note, the 9/11 guys were actually trained using M$ flight sim! see its M$ to blame, not games lol.

this whole violent games = violent nature is BS
Mortal Kobat never did me wrong as a child, and if you disagrre with me im gonna hunt you down, slit your mothers breasts open and force you to eat the gelatinous goo that runs from her seeping wound!

sandip7874028d ago

what teh fookes!
as long as its not too major i dont think itll be that bad, maybe reinforce the age ratings at shops, but if its quite bad its gonna get out of hand!

super bill4028d ago

he,s not even the prime minister.i mean the people never voted him in he inhearited it from tony blair.he even said he was going to the polls.then suddenly he change he,s mind.because the conservatives were catching labour up.your a wimp gordon brown.

paul_war4028d ago

Violent video games have been in the news a lot recently, I hope he doesn't try & do something stupid otherwise we could have a lot more bannings.

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