Wii Play N' Learn: New Wii SKU?

The blog Codename Revolution broke the story of a new UPC for Wii ("045496880088") that was leaked by a distributor. Several sources have looked up the code at the UPC database and found that the data associated with the UPC was updated on October 8.

The UPC now has a name attached to it. It's called "Wii Play 'n Learn".

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Kulupoo4029d ago

probably just Wii and the new wii-mote jacket.... without wii sport or something like that

BrotherNick4029d ago

I would think some edutainment would be a good idea on their part, something you can only do on the wii. (I don't know what it is yet)

Que8134028d ago

what this sounds like, since it's $290.. is Wii, Wii Play, and Big Brain. Possibly with a 2nd Wiimote, and of course the "jacket."


Wii = Wii Play N' Learn

Playstation 3 = PLAY B3YOND

Xbox 360 = Jump In

I like Wii very much but I'm mostly busy with my Playstation 3. busy with Warhawk

I can't wait to play Super Smash Bros Brawl and Mario Galaxy.

djt234028d ago

it sound like edu pack

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