No PS3 price drop for Australia

Sony Australia will be phasing out the 60GB PS3 in the region but it will not be cutting the price to help shift stock as is happening in Europe.

Instead the current offer of the 60GB model with two free games and an extra controller will run until supplies are depleted, while the new 40GB unit will be introduced on 11th October for AUD 699.95.

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Close_Second4031d ago

No price drop in New Zealand.

I hope the consumer will get to hear of the new 40 GB model hitting stores soon so they don't spend $1,199 (NZD) on the 60 GB PS3 when a much cheaper one is just around the corner.

level 3604031d ago

See what I mean?! Really, gamers' out here are being shafted by Sony so bad that the effect is everyone's going for the competitors'.
The PS3 is like a shadow in this part of the world, you know that it exists but no seem ( well some, mostly the true fanboys'/girls' ) to take notice.
And even if you'ed be grossed-out by what it offers and simply walk away.

Listen Sony. Give us a PROPER PRICE-CUT just like what you offer the other countries!