Japan Orders Sony, Dell to Probe Exploding Batteries

Japan's trade ministry on Thursday ordered Sony Corp. (SNE) and Dell Inc. (DELL) to investigate the trouble involving Sony batteries that caused Dell to recall 4.1 laptop computers last week because they were at risk of catching fire.

The ministry said Sony and Dell must report on their findings and say how they will prevent future problems by the end of August, or face a fine under Japan's consumer safety laws.

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Islandkiwi5377d ago

Apple just instituted a recall of the Sony batteries as well...some 1.8 million of 'em!

Microsoft Master5376d ago

It will now be easier for my company to take Sony down.

bernie5376d ago

Are any of these manufacturing components in the PS3, if so Sony should give up now.

Ken Kutaragi5376d ago

No my dont listen my fanboy children, THE POS3 is the fUTURE!!!one!!!
Sony will prevale!!!!one!!!

Wlecoma Cahnga