PS3 to Debut as IPTV Set-Top Box

KT, Korea's dominant telecom operator, and Sony Computer Entertainment Korea (SCEK) will launch an Internet-based TV service in November that runs on the PlayStation 3 game console, the companies said Tuesday.

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nasim4493d ago


Ratchet and clank,pes, folklore in OCTOBER

It only gets better for ps3 from now onwards

Greysturm4493d ago

Unless microsoft delivers its ipv ideas in this month ( or this year for freeview in the EU but thats highly doubted since the propaganda machine would be hitting a halo high on it already) they are gonna have a harder time pushing this capability of the xbox as a selling point. I wonder when microsoft will release its iptv sevice since apparently sony is pushing and advancing faster than they are even if they are still behind in content for their network.

I wish it were a worldwide service but i guess every region seeking its individual advancements generate a higher creative rate and a lower failure rate for new ideas, since by localizing new services like this if they are a sucess they can pass it on to other regions yet if its a failure its not a worldwide debauchery of funds.

BIadestarX4493d ago

We don't know much about Sony's IPTV... We know a lot about Microsoft's IPTV service... which will be delivered via huge service providers and will come with features that will compete with existing cable service providers. Sony's IPTV sounds more like "We have IPTV too" kind of thing. It better not be like PSN that was designed to complete with XBox live and there is not much competing going on... Sony's IPTV better not be some random service that can be done on any PC and supported by 2-3 channels... it better compete against Cable just like what Microsoft's is trying to do. I'm glad sony got into this... since it will push Microsoft to do better.. competition can only be good for the consumer.

I can be wrong... but Sony's IPTV sounds like a rushed product that Sony is trying to just push to beat Microsoft to it. Microsoft already showed working prototypes and gave us lots of details on it... what do we know about Sony's IPTV? and it will be released less than 1 month from now?... it better not suck Sony or it will backfire...

mighty_douche4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

work in sonys research and development do you? how long have they been working on this then?

please, if your looking for logical unbiased comment disregard anything that bladestars says.
that is unless your are a xbox 'fanboy' then you should have a poster of this dude on the back of your toilet door, for he is your PIN UP!!

Bladestar, why not wait till after the demo before you suggest this is a rushde product.

also, am i right in thinking M$ services gets screamed over the internet? hence the HD? thats great, unless one you dont have the net, 2, have a poor connection amd 3, M$ charges you to watch things right?
i have read a statement where they said if you were to download the complete family guy series it would end up costing MORE than the actual DVD version. i think id prefer less content for free, rather than a little more for a cost.

and people seem to forget you can stream live/stored tv to your psp over wifi anywhere in the world, can M$ do that with its Zune?

everyone do yourself a favour go to this website >>> << you can stream pretty much everything you'd ever want FOR FREE.

SL1M DADDY4493d ago

Microsoft should know more about “rushed products” than anybody else.

*remembers the RROD issues*

Yup, MS has that one down to science…


anh_duong4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

"We don't know much about Sony's IPTV"... "Sony's IPTV sounds more like "We have IPTV too" kind of thing." - bladestar

do you find the two sentences above a good measure of how smart you are?

how the heck can you come up with these two contradictory statement when you fully know that sony - one of the worlds biggest producer of audio-visual media - ( ) are doing this with Korea's dominant telecom provider.

fanboy > brain

BIadestarX4493d ago

ohh... no... I am not trying to get into a "Microsoft is evil.. and they can't do nothing right" debate... mmm... strange... some anti-microsoft comments... duhh of course microsoft can't do nothing right.. Sorry I didn't mean to hurt your feelings on this one. So, let me see if I can fix it for you Sony fanboys so you can feel better... yada yada... Sony is the best.. Sony PSN is better than xbox live... We know a lot about Sony IPTV and is better than Microsoft's... happy? feel better?

ohh yeah... and though unrelated.. how can we forget about RROD!!!!!!!!
feel better?

Anyways.. I give Sony the benefit of the doubt when it comes to this service... Do I believe Sony will deliver? well.. when was the last time they did? Xbox live is still standing... PSN didn't destroy it... hwo about Xbox live arcade? where are all those arcade games on PSN? Video? Home? Dude, unless you show me Something about Sony's IPTV I have the right to doubt until proven otherwise... the same way that you have the right to blindly follow Sony everywhere they go, believe their promises even when you have no idea what these IPTV service means to the consumer. does that sound fair?

"and people seem to forget you can stream live/stored tv to your psp over wifi anywhere in the world, can M$ do that with its Zune? "
lol... please don't go there... there is no reason why it can't be done... Helloooooooooooooooooo... Media Center!? Did you hear about Microsoft's Live TV which is currently in Beta!? I will live it as that... don't want to span this post.. and keep it related to this article... too bad no one can give their opinion without some sony fanboy getting all workup... and jumping all over the place...

anh_duong4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

bladestar, when you contradict yourself and make assumptions (because that is what you did when you said "Sony's IPTV sounds more like "We have IPTV too" kind of thing."") then admit it. did you know that Korean Telecom is the biggest provider broadband in Korean? And korean broadband is a world leader.

when you make a dumb comment - admit it. seriously where the hell did you get this "we have IP TV too" conclusion from? you know you made a stupid 100% fanboy comment so before you go accusing other people of being fanboys you should look at yourself first.

mighty_douche4493d ago

your acting like a child now....
no one said anything negetive about M$ service
no one said anything about psn vs live
no one even said the ps version will be better than M$

you have to appeciate if you suggest sony might have rushed a product when you have little to no actual knowledge of it that people will retaliate, sure your allowed your opinions, thats what we're all here for, but when its nothing but pro-M$ and anti-ps day in day out what can you expect.

and with regards to stuff like.... " there is no reason why it can't be done" conserning the zune, you can say that about anything. It doesnt offer the service does it.

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demolitionX4493d ago

Sony is in showbiz and they know what to do! so i guess MS will struggle competing with sony in this department.

DarkSniper4493d ago

How could something Sony announced first be a rushed product. I supposed since Microsoft is also announcing a similar feature of Home, that Sony's version is rushed as well.


Darrius Cole4493d ago

Microsoft is introduceing a feature a similar to home? What is it?

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