Logitech G9 mouse review

GamingNexus has posted a review of the G9 gaming mouse, the latest in Logitech's series of gaming mice. Logitech has redesigned and rebuilt the mouse from the ground up and while it looks a lot different than the G5/G7 GamingNexus finds that it's still a very solid gaming mouse

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mighty_douche4028d ago

but i think ill stick with my G7...

its an ugly £ucker.

DruePhoenix4028d ago

I'm using one right now

it's fantastic, yeah it's ugly, but my hand covers it most of the time, so why should I care?

not for lefties though, and the scroll wheel doesnt "click" easily, so my usual sniping can be hard in some FPS, just have to toy with the other buttons instead

a very good mouse, very adjustable too, and they made it to last, it's easy to tell

bourner4028d ago

yer my scroll wheel is hard to click as well