Big Daddy: What Makes A Great Boss? Part II

Level Up writes:
Since yesterday's entry on "What Makes A Great Boss?" got such a strong response, we've decided to double dip on that topic. As before, today's extract comes from the September 17th-20th edition of our Vs. Mode exchange with MTV News reporter Stephen Totilo, wherein we discussed the games BioShock and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. During our email conversation, we raised the question of how both games handled boss battles, as well as the limits and possibilities of BioShock's morality system. This prompted us to suggest a new type of Big Daddy, the Redeemer, as a boss that would challenge the player not only tactically, but also morally. How? Read on.

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bluebrad19744029d ago

imo a genuine threat is what makes a great boss in a fps. Something big,tough, and extremely dangerous, strikes a fairly real nervousness when I encounter one of these enemies. Like the Cyberdemon from Doom 2, or more recently the Brute Chieftains from Halo 3.

P4KY B4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

....when you've run out of rockets and missiles on legendary.

Mr_Kuwabara4029d ago

Hmm, if you want to learn a thing or two about bosses then play the Metal Gear Solid series. No bosses compare. Not an opinion but a damn fact. =P

You actually care about them. There background, why there bosses in the first place and why they even defect to other countries.

bluebrad19744028d ago

The MGS series has lame bosses. If I ran into someone that called himself "Revolver Ocelot", I would literally laugh right in his face.