Assuming only hardcore play FPS games is 'naïve' - Saber boss

Dev responds to claims there's "no such thing as a casual shooter fan"

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Yi-Long3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

... and I pretty much like everything as long as it's a good game.

I can enjoy a good shooter, then go to Super Meat Boy for some excellent platforming, then go to ilomilo for a great cute puzzle-game, then turn on my PC for some Sim City 4, etc etc.

I love pretty much every genre. Sports, driving, RPG/Adventures, sandbox, whatever.

SixZeroFour3037d ago

i hate the "hardcore" and "core" labels...a gamer is a gamer regardless of what he plays, and if some people choose to play games on an extremely rare occasion, even then will i welcome them to the party

Mustang300C20123037d ago

Agree. I have been gaming for most of my life and can not fathom how it has become some elite status to bit*h about what companies are doing. If you don't care for the game or system it should not be in your everyday comment to talk about somthing you clearly don't like.

news4geeks3037d ago

agreed. I would go further and say a gamer who plays wii sports 6 hours a day is more hardcore than a person who plays a 'core' game for maybe 10 hours a week. The term should be used to describe the dedication of a gamer and not the games the said gamer chooses to play.

stevenhiggster3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

I think most peoples ideas of a hardcore gamer are skewed anyway. Someone who plays the same game or type of game all day every day is not a hardcore gamer imho. They are just a fan of one game/genre! (i.e most shooter fans)
Someone who plays all and any games all the time is more a hardcore gamer.
Shooter fans just think they own the term hardcore, I reckon people who play fighting games all the tome are probably more hardcore, my mate knows everyone one in pretty much every fighting games moves, now that's hardcore!

Ultraplayerxp3037d ago

"Every gamer is a true gamer"
-Kevin Butler, E3 2010

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ChristianGamer3037d ago

What's really naive is swinging around a bulb on a cone and still believing you're being hardcore...i mean just LOL. In fact any sort of behaviour that involves being plastered in front of a tv/monitor for hours on end controlling a make-believe world is anything but hardcore.
We're all geeks, there's no such thing as a hardcore geek.
Gaming may have become more mainstream in the last 2 gens but let us not kid ourselves this hobby of ours is not "cool"

Paladz3037d ago

When you play a game versus other people, you become competitive. Not competitive in terms of e-sport and the alike, but competitive as in you want to win. If you don't win, you want to improve, so that the next match you will have a better chance. That isn't "casual". Casual is when you enjoy a game without care if you win or not. I have not yet met a FPS gamer that didn't care if they won.

FPS gamers are hardcore. They are competitive. Especially the PC crowd.

Now, what this guy needs to understand, is that the "Casual" players he insist exists, is somewhat true, but they don't spread the word of his game, they don't spend hours and hours playing and report bugs and form a community. They don't come to sites as N4G and post articles.

You might call the comment "Naive", but if I made a game like Battle: LA, I wouldn't speak loud of being Naive. Your product is Naive and it's bad. Take a look at your reviews and look in the mirror before posting anything concerning hardcore gaming.

Hoolock3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

I think the majority of people who play shooters are among some of the most casual gamers there are. They only play the one genre (the shooter more often then not) they aren't hugely involved in gaming culture and community and they will play really on weekends for a few hours with friends. Just because the game involves guns doesn't really mean people who play it are core gamers.
Core gamers in my eye's are the people who keep up with gaming culture, play a vast selection of genres and will spend a lot of time gaming not just on-line (which has grabbed the attention of the mass)but sinking time into single player experiences and been invested in a world not just a rank.

The word casual is too associated with family games when in fact it really should mean gamers who play a limited selection of genres for a small amount of time and are relatively ignorant to gaming culture, news etc.

You wouldn't call someone who watched action films a hardcore film watcher and someone who watched Pixar films a casual film watcher. They just watch films and aren't invested in the news, inner workings and community that comes along with it.

Redgehammer3037d ago

Although you articulated your thoughts quite well, I find my self disagreeing with most of your point. Just like me, you have your own interpretation of what the definition of core gaming should be. Would you relegate a gamer who only spends 45 hours a week playing COD to prestige as a casual gamer?? However, I am in total agreement with you when you state "The word casual is too associated with family games when in fact it really should mean gamers who play a limited selection of genres for a small amount of time and are relatively ignorant to gaming culture, news etc.". Bubbles for putting a cohesive argument together (even if I find myself opposed to much of it.

Video games are my, (and have been for 35 years) favorite topic, hobby, and subject to read about on the Internet playing a 3 hour 2fort is a joy to me. Just like I will try almost any game, but my daily love is TF2. For the longest time I considered games like Mario or Zelda to be games catered to children, I now admit freely that I was misguided in that assumption. If someone is devoted to gaming, they are a core gamer. If a person plays games every now and then then they are casual. But, I acknowledge this is my opinion, but it is what works for me.

ptqs3037d ago

@christiangamer rofl and you worship a god lmao....physics created physics will destoyeth

xtreampro_REVENGE!3037d ago

And you worship creation? Scientists say there are other universes but it can't be proven, yet a lot of them believe in it.

On the other hand the the overwhelming proof of the existence is denied? The belief in one god has always been here

Anyway's keep on searching for that answer to life, you've only got another 10 million years to find out. Generations of scientists will search for the same answer only to fail.

Then 10 million years from now these ignorant scientists will still be searching for that answer.

ptqs3037d ago

scientists are ignorant, seriously WTF you need to broaden your fragile little mind and watch this series

Redgehammer3037d ago

Bubble down for you ptqs for being a Ahole.

ptqs3037d ago

apologies if i offended you, but calling scintists ignorant is is a search for the truth and acknowledges all viewpoints simply disregarding this and calling them ignorant is the most hypocritical thing i've heard in a long time....hear endeth the rant>

ptqs3037d ago

apologies to christiangamer i was out of line

Redgehammer3037d ago

Bubbles up to you for being able to admit that. Wow how unusual on this site.