[New pictures] Premium 360 + Halo 3 bundle coming to Europe and UK?

More evidence of an Xbox 360 Premium bundled with Halo 3 has emerged in a Spanish Internet forum "", which collaborates with an earlier rumor that Europe including the UK may be getting the package soon.

The new pictures show what looks like an official Microsoft European Halo 3 bundle, with a HDMI-equipped Premium 360, 20GB hard disk, Play and Charge kit, and a bundle copy of Halo 3. The receipt shows the gamer who purchased the package paid €384.90 (£265). A Premium 360 currently retails for £250 in the UK, and Halo 3 is £40.

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360Jamaican40GigFL4490d ago

wow Ms is really trying good idea boys

P4KY B4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

It costs lots to make massive games.
Which third party developer is going to spend tens of millions of dollars on filling a 200Gb disk when they are not going to see a return on their investment?
Ans= None

You say Xbox will last 2 years.
Well i've been playing GAMES on my 360 for 2 years already while you've been waiting for your 200Gb disks. Moores Law says that in 2 years all current consoles will look like $hit.

You don't even have a 360 or you would know that most games are much longer than 8 hours.

If you've ever played HALO 3 (which i doubt) I bet you got run over by a Mongoose then Teabagged.

******sorry Jamaican. My comment was aimed at the Fu(tard cloud360 below*******

cloud3604490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

The reason people say xbreak is easy to work on is becuse it uses last gen DVD disks....People find i easy coz they have to make the game short and use crappy graphics.

So the reason they says its easier to develop for is becuase they dont need to spend much time on it. Where as Blu*Ray disk will hold 200GB

So if u wanna experience long games

BUY something that has a blu ray player.

Xbox will last a max of another 2 years and an average of 1.5 years only.

Since ray tracing is coming November 11th 2008.

Games will require at least 40gb

@cloud: i wrote it last time on an article, but it failed to get approved. (but 360 will go down)

cloud3604490d ago

Short games are usually awesome. All the best games on xbox are short(usually less than 8 hours at best). well short.

My point, u need blu ray for long nex gen games LIke
Fnal Fantasy Versus XIII

360Jamaican40GigFL4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

How the FU(k did that come up u retard, go use a cliff u fu(king aszhole trying to start flamewars for nothing.

ParaDise_LosT4490d ago

Your Saying Its all because of the Format?
I never knew The Systems Architecture didn't matter
....but the format did.....
I guess I should inform every Dev teams that are having problems developing their games that they're all
Looking at the wrong thing, because The Blu ray disk is the Problem and
all their problems don't come from
PS3s Asymmetrical Architecture!

Thanks for the Info Cloud, you changed gamin history this day you know!

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socomnick4490d ago

This halo 3 bundle is gonna sell. Lots and lots .

leon764490d ago

...And the winner is... PES2008+PS3!!!!!!!!!


Halo 3 is done now sales have decreased 79% I think people a looking at the next wave of games.

P4KY B4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

Another new account (Halo640p) probably set up by Nasim just to make it look like there are lots of people bashing the 360.

Isn't it funny that the total Fu(kwits always seem to have a blank avatar.

Watch the Halo 3 sales rocket as we approach christmas.

mighty_douche4490d ago

sure this may help shift a few consoles, but:

if you were gonna buy and xbox for christmas you would of done it wiether it was bundled with halo or not.

Halo sells brilliantly anyway, would of been better to bundle with something else like PGR4 because then people would buy the console and then they'd probably buy a retail copy of halo, thats more cash for M$.

just a few of my opinions thats all.

Marriot VP4490d ago

That's why you don't see a Halo 3 bundle in the USA, because it sells far better here in america than in europe. Europe is where they need that extra little boost. They will take a loss, but a tiny one in comparison to selling at least 8 million copies eventually.

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The story is too old to be commented.