SingStar PS3 release in limbo

A release date for SingStar on the PlayStation 3 is currently up in the air as Sony continues to test downloadable content and community features for the next-gen version of one of its most popular social gaming franchises.

Although reviews have started to appear in the specialist press, a spokesperson for Sony has told that the game needs further testing, and would not be drawn on any specific release period.

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nix4116d ago

is so negative. they are working on it... i wonder how it is a bad thing? sigh! journalism... )x

mighty_douche4116d ago

anbd if your interested in this type of game then it will be worth the wait.
people seem to want all the quality, all the feature, all the add-ons but they want it now, NOW!!! i just doesnt work that way.

DarkSniper4116d ago

The game is not in limbo, if it was then that would mean that there is a chance it wont be released. And that wont happen. Not in a million years.

Sony knows this game has to be done right and as a playstation 3 customer I can appreciate quality over quanity.

Example :

I'd rather have Haze be delayed another 3 months knowing I'm going to get a good product rather than getting a rushed FPS such as Hour of Victory which is a 360 exclusive.


MrSwede4116d ago

It´s already available in some stores in Sweden.

cherdman4116d ago

...PSN community to support this game yet? I think that might be the real problem.