Io: Why the **** does everybody do deathmatch?

By now you've probably heard all about Kane & Lynch's intriguing multiplayer mode, 'Fragile Alliance', which puts 8-players in the middle of a bank heist and lets them be as greedy or backstabbing as they fancy.

Lead designer Kim Krogh explained to CVG last week that Io Interactive had to keep the mode under wraps because it's "fairly easy to duplicate", and it was worried that other developers might steal it's ideas. "When we talked about this a couple of years ago it was like 'f**k, why didn't anyone do this before?!'" he said. "It seemed really obvious."

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bluebrad19744027d ago

sounds interesting. Especially considering the cash you make it out of the bank with can actually be used. Here is the link that describes the mode a little more in-depth.


id dot entity4027d ago

The new mode sounds awesome! And indeed, what's the fun in DM?

THE_JUDGE4027d ago

bad of an idea if its implemented right. It could end up like capture the flag without teams though.

Skerj4027d ago

Omg someone has finally said it, deathmatch is so last millenium. I actually stopped playing it when I gave up Q3 and the original UT I'm so glad developers are starting to get more creative with online modes. I love Io 9life.