Star Ocean PSP theme revealed

Coming off the success of the Crisis Core themed PSP in Japan, Square-Enix has unveiled a Star Ocean themed PSP, which is slated to hit Japan this December.

Star Ocean: First Departure is a new and improved version of the SNES title, which is to feature all new cut-scenes and CG animation, new characters, and fully voiced dialog to tell the story of the original game, with a modern day feel.

Additionally, Square will be releasing Star Ocean: The Second Evolution, the second game in the series that will feature the same upgrades and attributes of First Departure.

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WilliamRLBaker4123d ago

*hugs his psp* I love this lil machine it might not get as much playtime as my 360, ps3, or wii or ds for that matter, but i love it all these lil gems are geting released these amazing remakes that all ways deserved it.....

And I know this is just a rumor but I heard it just tonight...

A lil vote first.
Who here has played Secret of mana (Seiken Denetsu 2) for snes?

Ok how many know that it was first in production for the snes cd addon, and had branching storyline, more characters, better graphics, fmv cutscenes, Bigger story, multiple endings...ect?

Ok heres the rumor, and this is just a whisper I heard from a friend, But it seems since ninty was the publisher and since their publishing rights have expired Square is thinking of remaking the game, Along with the first *final fantasy Adventure for GB in america* to bring back its true version the one we didn't get because the cd addon fell through, *the cd version was all most 98% done before the plug was pulled*

Marceles4123d ago

I've beat it, but i doubt they'll remake any of the secret of mana series. They're pretty focused on the final fantasy series as well as kingdom hearts, infinite undiscovery, the last remnant...i cant see it coming out anytime soon if they were going to remake it. It's a classic game, but i doubt the japanese will put any effort into remaking least here in the states. And Squaresoft was the publisher btw...the most Square will do now is keep releasing Secret of Mana spinoffs on the DS and maybe another game on the PS2

Bleucrunch4123d ago

I looooooove star Ocean so just let me know why its coming out and I will have it. Star Ocean 4 coming to the PS3. Go and get it!

[email protected]4123d ago

I want one of those PSP theme over the states :'o(