In-game advertising to keep PlayStation Home free

For those of you who've been living under a rock for the past year or so, there's this new online service called Home that's coming to PS3's around the world early next year.

With all its fancy graphics and mountains of features, you'd expect Home to cost you a pretty penny. On the contrary, when Phil Harrison first announced it back in March at the 2007 Game Developers Conference, he informed the masses it would be absolutely free of charge.

How can Sony afford such a thing? Small micro-transactions were always cited as a way to counter development and upkeep costs of the online universe, but we were skeptical as to whether they could fully support Home. However, it appears in-game advertising will have a far greater impact (and therefore greater presence). In fact, in-game advertising is what is keeping Home free.

Darlene Kindler was recently appointed SCEA's head of in-game advertising strategies. She'll work in conjunction with Nielsen Media Research on the type of ads we'll be seeing in Home (and possibly future online PSN fare).

Don't worry, the ads won't be ludicrous and out of place - no coca-cola ads engraved in trees in the Fairy Realm of one of Home's online game rooms. We'll be seeing ads that are both "dynamic, [and] relevant."

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WilliamRLBaker4117d ago

there is no such thing as good and dynamic advertising in a fake game unless that game has roots in the real world *like sports games and racing*

lol so much for" but but but but but teh home and psn are fweeeeeeeeeeeee.*

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4117d ago

Nope I've seen advertising in tons of games and surprisingly enough they were relevant. It seems easy for something like Home since its like real life. And how we see advertisements will be how we will see advertisements in home.

And it is still free for consumers.

mighty_douche4117d ago

sometime you leave valid comments but you still cant help that fanboy inside huh...

id rather have a few ad's in a game like UT than pay £50 a year for a service that doenst even offer dedicated servers. they've already stated that the ads will be inplace of fictional ads anyway, like in some games like Rainbow 6, instead of having some made up company logo on the side of a truck it'll be a coka cola ad, no big deal.

infact when you think about it, in games like GTA this would actually add more realism to the game.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4117d ago

Fight Night.
Crazy Taxi.

to name a few.


As long as its NOT intrusive to the "gameplay" then it`s all good.
HOME is one of the BEST FREE "things" EVER.

accept it, this is the future/evolution of online lobbies.

but let me guess, text is BETTER.LOL

novaIS3504117d ago

The Need for Speed series is known for their product placement and billboard ads. Their use Cingular's PDA or Gillette razors, even EA's own advertising (big), this doesn't ring a bell? All sports games have ads, even an xbox soccer game (fifa07?) had PS3 ads. Pretty much any mainstream EA game has had some form of advertising implemented. Look at all the racing games, you see signs for Toyota, Honda, Bridgestone, etc. etc. Do you know why you haven't noticed this???? Because it is all relevant and dynamic. Do you know how many advertising messages we are exposed to a day? Millions...from the start of my drive to work listening to the radio, when I'm on the internet, when I watch the news at 5, and I watch a football game on tv. I'm sure extra advertising in an online world in order to keep a service free is not going to ruin anyones day.

PlayStation3604117d ago

I totally agree. Bubble+ for you bro.

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Rama262854117d ago

I personally would rather have a few advertisements around than have to pay for Home. Might sound like I'm being cheap, but you want to have more people in it - if they make people pay then there wont be as many people in the world of Home than if it was free. The more people, the more social the PS3 becomes and better multiplayer games you can have. Win-Win situation! :)

mighty_douche4117d ago

i dont mind abit of advertising if that = a free service for me. if some one offered you a free ps3 but it had coka cola logo all over it would you say no? i know i wouldnt.
if people are happy to pay £50 a year for a service thats fine, but hey, im a tight a55, i dont wanna pay for something that the pc has offered me free for years.

lots more ad's and FREE games for us i say lol.

UnasFortuna4117d ago

Couldn't agree with you more... I think it is awesome that Sony is allowing FREE online. It just goes to show that you don't have to charge for online gameplay, etc... as MS does. Yes, I have a 360 and shell out the cash for the online service for two consoles in my household (my son and I)... and I realize that MS currently has a definite headstart on the online gaming arena with more options than PSN currently...but in my opinion, Sony has made leaps and bounds given that there truly was no real consistent online option for its PS2 games. I don't mind the ingame/online advertisements as they are already in some games... not like they are going to "popup" in a new window in a fight scene.

Laxe4117d ago

Well it was bound to be the case and I'll be fine with it - as long as the ads are kept IN Home and are not transfered over to the games too.

Devr4117d ago

I think we knew this from the moment Home was announced?

dukegodtezza4117d ago

just glad i have the $$$$ to pay for xbox live
i hate ads

mighty_douche4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

you'd rather pay money than have a few ad's in HOME? i dont understand it.
ad's could range from anything, for example, there maybe a large PRO EVO poster on home, you could walk up to it press a button and quickly pre-order it from amazon and pay through your PS wallet with micro-transactions.

i think people are limiting their ideas to how this is going to work.

if you going to a MALL you see advertising right? well thats the same as homes MALL. constantly changing ad's in the environment will also stop it becoming 'same-y' and boring.

anh_duong4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

you use facebook, msn, yahoo right? look at the major tv networks too. they are free because of ads. I think you most be one of the few people who prefer to pay. strange.

online ads is not as bad as tv ads (commercial break) because online ads doesn't stop your enjoyment of games or service e.g. a game character drinks coke instead of some imaginary drink or a little logo on your imaginary sofa in home that says you can buy it from ikea etc

please don't let your fanboy nature overcome what is actually a good thing.

SmokeyMcBear4117d ago

hahahahahaha you see add everytime you enter the dashboard.. silly xbots

UnasFortuna4117d ago

You are paying for ads already... they are for games, silly content, etc... Every time you turn on the dashboard, they are there... yes, they are still called ads. Will we still pay for LIVE, ... of course we will because MS has us hanging over a cliff which is the case with most of their endeavors.

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