Screen Digest: Publishers flock to Wii as PS3 falters in 4th Quarter

Media analyst publication Screen Digest has launched a new service, the Game Bulletin. The service is aimed at the game industry and will feature data, demographics and trend-forecasting, with the first edition focusing on software publishing and platform support in the final quarter of 2007.

In its first analyst report, the Game Bulletin states that publishers are backing Wii with the greatest number of titles – 86 in total, compared with 47 for Xbox 360 and 38 for PS3. A quarter of Wii releases are exclusive, compared with eight for Xbox 360 and five for PS3.

Publishers are attracted to Wii's rapidly growing installed base as well as the lower cost and relative ease of development compared to Xbox 360 and PS3. Wii's library will surpass Xbox 360's in early 2008 at current release rates. Given present publishing activity levels and hardware sales rates, the new generation of consoles will move out of transition and into the mass adoption phase by year end.

While the Game Bulletin forecasts Wii and Xbox 360 will have strong end of year sales, its outlook for PS3 is less positive...

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Zhuk4484d ago

The Wii and 360 continue to get strong support from third party publishers and consumers alike while things are looking worse for the PS3 coming into the holidays, where they will likely have the weakest sales and will fail to make any gains against their competitors who have taken serious inroads into the Playstation's marketshare.

How long till we see third party support jump like rats off a sinking ship? the signs are starting to show themselves and by the end of next year if the PS3 doesnt improve its position it will lose most of its third party support and be remembered as another Gamecube and have to rely on its first and second party lineup to attract a niche market of fanatical Sony gamers.

bluebrad19744484d ago

I couldn't agree more with your post. However, it is beyond me why it takes a 30 person team of analysts to figure something this simple out.

nasim4484d ago

already x360 has given up in EU.

the 299 pound ps3 will officially kill x360 in EU /let alone other territories where ps3 has been constantly outselling x360 at a very high price

The PES-PS3 bundle is due this October 26th in UK/EU. i wonder whether competitors would even stay in EU market after that.

In JAPAN the white ps3 +SHOKAXIS will easily see ps3 zip past wii this holiday.

niche ps3 support?????????????????

100 million dedicated fans and niche ps3 support????

this is why Halo 3 bombed in EUROPE .at low price point no one bought x360. Now when ps3 is salshed to 299 pound you do know the fate of your console there.

On the eve of 40 gig ps3 version's launch in UK MS had to pay some journalists to write crap.


the doomsday begin on 10th OCTOBER,2007 in EU and 17th OCTOBER in JAPAN

@ bluebrad
what a blindfolded BOT. keep dreaming cuz everything will be shattered this OCTOBER 10th, 2007 for you and your console

PS360WII4484d ago

nasim I don't think you can bring up the 100 million PS2 owners anymore for Sony wants them to keep their PS2 to play those games. PS3 is PS3 only now. Unless of coarse you get the high end model which those who wanted got already. Also how is a white PS3 going to blow pass the Wii in Japan? I mean really?

gerrard4484d ago

Really? thats what they said about PSP, now it's on top there left eating their words. Lets see in 6months what they say about PS3 now that it's going for $399(£299) with home, dualshock 3, Uncharted, rachet and clank, unreal tournament 3, GT5: prolouge, little big planet, Killzone 2, Metal gear solid 4, FF13 e.t.c. When this lot come make your analisis then.

PS360WII4484d ago

while yes the psp is selling well it's because of FFVII brand name not because people suddenly said hey PSP is cool.(it is but VII is cooler)

Home will be nice for existing owners, I don't think a wireless rumbling controller will break any ground, and as far as your games only GT and FF will sell systems the others are nice additions to the PS3 but not the grand daddy that is FF (the power of FF can be looked upon at the PSP). Metal Gear is a small market though looks awesome ^^

So then you want us to yet again wait till some real games come out to the PS3 before we start handing out report cards. Granted the life span has just begun which is why there are progress reports out. Which system is good to go now? Which system do we need to wait and see? It's all the same just because its not fair for PS3 to be compare with other gaming systems doesn't mean we shouldn't for people want to know what to buy for if they should wait or get something else.

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bluebrad19744484d ago

do we really need another analysts opinion? This article would have been much more entertaining if the author had used the screen name "Captain Obvious".

THE TERMINATOR4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

I cant believe this bull. The PS3 with price cut, great games coming out Ie, Uncharted, Ratchet and clank, Haze, UT, COD4 how could this fail? And with capcom announcing that there main console of choice will be the PS3 next year doesnt sound to me like developers are jumping ship. The PS3 will dominate this year just wait and see.
ZHUK you need to stop sucking major c0ck!!!!!!!!!

UnasFortuna4484d ago

This article is a crock. Analysts always trying to start a ruckus to try to get more hits to their website. Sure the 360 has more in development currently... it has been out over a year prior and game development was probably started at that aren't made overnight...some take years. As far as the Wii goes... who is inferior technology and thus much easier to program for. It is just gathering dust on my shelf currently. After playing Zelda and Metroid...haven't used it since. As far as I am concerned the Wii is just a glorified Gamecube with a gimmicky controller. If Sony wants to make a hit this season and next year... they need to make sure they don't have any more game delays and keep the exclusives they currently have as well as try to get more lined up. It takes money to ensure exclusives and MS has alot... but there is alot of money at stake in the game industry wars. MS is Sonys only competitor...that is who they need to focus on.... the Wii is not a next gen machine... nor are any of their games.

ericnellie4484d ago

Most people who own a PS3 (including me), knew that 2008 would be a key year for SONY! I really hope my investment in the system and the wait pays off!!!! The Wii and 360 are performing very well for 2007 and I've enjoyed playing games on all three but, right now -- I'd say my 360 is getting most of my attention;)

nobizlikesnowbiz4484d ago

You really don't see many 360 gamers making duplicate accounts and spreading hate as much as you do with the Ps3 gamers.

I mean wtf? You guys just enjoy making eachother look fvcking stupid?

Captain Tuttle4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

They live with their mommys...they don't have anything important to worry about.

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