15 minutes of Conan demo

More than 15 minutes from the Xbox 360 "start-to-finish" demo of Conan, an all-new action combat game featuring a story of adventure, true evil, and brutal, visceral combat.

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bluebrad19744055d ago

Gameplay wise, I had more fun playing Conan than Heavenly Sword.

boi4055d ago

You sure?

Well I didn't like the feel of it at all...a little slow and just plain slow I guess...Heavenly Sword beats this anytime from acting to gameplay!

bluebrad19744055d ago

The battle in Conan has more structure than Heavenly Sword imo. Being able to freely block and counter-attack is much more fun than simply pushing a button repeatedly as fast you can.

HowarthsNJ4055d ago

Or maybe just the PSN demo?

Without the nudity no one would pay any attention to Conan. This demo changed my mind about buying it. Not at full price anyway.

Bargain bin it is.

andy0014055d ago

Well I guess Heavenly Sword may have been a little too advanced for your abilities. :o)

Personally, looking at that video, I wonder whether we have moved on a generation. Rope bridges that don't move when you walk on them. Enemies with the same attack every time, and horrible cutscenes. God of War looks better in my opinion.

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The Real Joker4055d ago

I downloaded this and the Simpsons at the same time and enjoyed the Simpsons alot more.

**Crom strikes down killing Meathead**

Sayai jin4055d ago

Ummm. I am am speechless about this video.

marcellizot4055d ago

Played this last night, it is totally meh.

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The story is too old to be commented.