8BitJoystick: What an Independent Bungie Really Means

8BitJoystick aka Jake Metcalf, who first broke the news of the Bungie-Microsoft split a week ago, thinks he knows why Microsoft let go of Bungie:

"By letting them go Microsoft prevented a mass exodus of employees from Bungie. I think this was all about employee retention and preventing a brain drain. This move is is about creating promotion opportunities to grow for people that have been working away on Halo for the past decade. By having the top of Bungie be a Bungie employee it will allow people there to have room to move up the ladder and get better positions as they grow. By giving Bungie some distance Microsoft kept the company together and ultimately I think that is the best for Microsoft and everyone else..."

"Bungie LCC is still going to have a very very close relationship with Microsoft..."

8BitJoystick then speculates on what could be coming next from Bungie: Halo 3 download packs, Halo spin-offs, Halo 4, Pimp at Sea, Pathways into Darkness, and four other possibilities for future Bungie games. He also briefly mentions Microsoft's so-called "publishing rights of refusal," which allows Microsoft to veto any Bungie's new game on another system like the PS3.

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bababrooks4495d ago

as a gamer i respect microsoft for letting bungie(money maker) go and do it's own thing.this was the last thing i was expecting after the release of halo3.good on ya!

Maddens Raiders4495d ago (Edited 4495d ago )

*Vomits* C'mon Bungie is a good developer, but damn this divorce/breakup/kiss & makeup/I'll take the kids and send postcards public love story between Bungie and Microsoft is the most overrated and overhyped thing in recent memory next to something else that was overhyped to the stars.

We get it already - the MS Stranglehold is giving Bungie a break and allowing them to "flow" more freely.

World Domination though? Please.

rusgreim4495d ago

Its a JOKE.

Do you really think they are going to build a giant slingshot and shoot their enemies into the sun? So you actually believe they staged a "bloody coup" of Microsoft?

Its a long-running joke. Its funny to Bungie fans. Otherwise, idiots like you wonder what the big deal is. Shut up and go comment on some PS3 news.

razer4495d ago

What did the five fingers say to the face?


Maddens Raiders4495d ago

It's a joke with a veiled meaning you Halo turd. The very thought that Bungie taking over the world as a joke is funny to pind*cks in your circle because it's an overstatment from a coKky, sarcastic statement - the bulk of which is said in jest but meant as a hopeful possibility. HaHa yeah what if...kinda crap - I know this jerkoff.

And no, I never believed that they were breaking away from MS - look at my posts on the matter when these reports first surfaced asshole, I'm just as miffed that people thought MS was going to let this company get away as it's really all they've got. I know you won't look, but who cares a/w. Now go jerk off to some more MC pr0n and stfu. The next time I want an explanation from you or your sister below you, I'll take a sh*t and talk to the toilet. Get it? =]

PStriple7034495d ago

I don't want it! stay with M$

Arkham4495d ago

I think somebody is confused about what "first right of refusal" means.

Generally it means a person or company gets first crack at the purchase, but if they decide to decline then the property can be shopped around elsewhere.

Basically if Microsoft does have first right of refusal on publishing a title, they can choose to either publish it or let Bungie take it somewhere else.

As far as I knowk, the first-right option was brought up in the flurry of rumour discussions. I have no idea if this has been confirmed, as the specifics of the Microsoft/Bungie split haven't been made public.

dragonJP4495d ago that Bungie is going to stay tight with Microsoft. Did U see that hilarious skit on "Attack of the Show" yesterday with Master Chief telling Bill Gates at a bar that "we should start seeing other people?" That bit about Master Chief meeting "this British guy named Phil and this little Japanese guy" was hysterical! Anyway, 360 fans calm down. With Halo 3, Bungie has done all it can with the 360, and has rightfully earned its independence. MS owns the rights to Halo, and its "rights of first refusal" mean that Bungie's best stuff will still be "only on Xbox 360." But now it's probably gonna cost MS more, which is only fair to Bungie after almost a decade of work straight on Halo. MY GUT FEELING IS THAT HALO 4 (sans Master Chief? Third-person? Time travel into the past or take place far into the future?) WILL BE A LAUNCH TITLE FOR THE XBOX 3 (720 or whatever). In the next few years before the next Xbox, Bungie will stretch its arms, kick back, relax, and have some fun DOING SOMETHING ELSE....

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