Sony to cut PS3 prices in Japan and launch new 40GB model

Dengeki and Famitsu report that the 20GB and 60GB PS3 in Japan will receive a price cut on October 17. Japan will then get its 40GB PS3 SKU on November 11, without backward compatibility but with the rumble controller. Two colors will be available: clear black and ceramic white.

[The Dengeki and Famitsu reports, in Japanese, are listed under the 'Alternative Sources' section below.]

Updates: According to Reuters, Sony announced it would lower the price of the 20GB model by 10 percent from 49,980 yen ($428) to 44,980 yen ($385) on October 17. Sony will also start selling its 60GB model at 54,980 yen ($472), which currently retails for around 60,000 yen ($515). Sony will launch the new 40GB model at 39,980 yen ($343) on November 11.

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Lord Anubis4483d ago

whoa, they get ceramic white again. :(

nasim4483d ago

THEY get DUAL SHOCK 3 as well.

plus price cuts on ALL MODELS

sure this would help see ps3 soar past Wii but expect price cuts and new PS3s in NA too

EZCheez4483d ago

I like the white one better.

Gahigiddy4483d ago

And that's it for Wii. Although it does have SMG releasing just before that, so hey, we might not even see PS3 sales overtake Wii that week, but beyond that, it's truly over.

The king is dead! Long live Playstation!

Genki4483d ago

Hopefully we see a silver version sometime soon, and I remember seeing a modded red one a while back, looked fantastic.

gEnKiE4483d ago

Wow. Sony is going to kick some ass all over...

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