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VGW: Why do we play video games? The answer to that question is the precise reason that video game reviews are so subjective. Do we play them to experience a wide range of emotions, to engage in progressively more difficult challenges, or to merely unwind? Perhaps, we play games to witness a spectacle of eye and ear candy, or just to have fun. You may consider this question far too deep for a review of Crysis 2, but it’s more applicable than you think.

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dagamdagee2975d ago

Epic scale always gets beat out by fun. Well done.

ksoto2975d ago

Too much hype for a game that is fun but far frm the graphical powerhouse these fanboys try to make it seem. MP is good but not great or better than kz3 and kz3 is better graphically.

killyourfm2975d ago

As someone who owns KZ3 - and handed it a 4.5 out of 5 stars - I have to disagree. Crysis 2 is the best looking console game in existence. Unfortunately that's about all it has going for it.

Pintheshadows2975d ago

I enjoyed Crysis 2's campaign a lot more than KZ3. I think you might have your games mixed up.

ksoto2975d ago

I own kz3 and i beg to differ. The funny thing is i feel games like uncharted 2 and Gow3 especially look wayyyyyyy better than Crysis 2. I wish i knew what kind of tv and special ps3's u guys ae using not to mention the fact that i have a 55 inch samsung #D T.V. 1080 P for gaming, as well as a 46 inch LG LCD 1080 P television smh. I am these opinions are subjective but when you say it looks better than uncharted 2 lol now i knw something is fishy especially using fanboy phrases like "in existence" lol Anyway add me since you have psn my tag is Kenjovani i have most games including Crysis and KZ3.

dagamdagee2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Despite your grammatically and factually fallible comment, you still claim to be some sort of anti-fanboy? You knocked him for using "in existence" when you used a more terribly fanboyish way of comparing U2 and GoW3 to Crysis 2. "Waaaayyyyyyyy better." So how, exactly, is that measured in an agreeable, objective standard? Get out of here with your hypocrisy.

ksoto2975d ago

lol a hypocrite? lol I speak facts based off of evidence and my comments hold merit just use google moron to see how many awards UC2 accumulated based off of graphics alone smh
I see you want to be some NG4 police and saviour why dont you join the Guardian Angels your better off instead of being some pompous N4G police smh.
As for grammar lol I didnt know i had to watch my syntax and grammar on this sight or had to prove anything as you are trying to rove smh I'm actually a proud college gradutae in forensic Psychology but unlike you i dont take this site too seriouslyyyyyy its gaming so heres sum more grammatical errors for u dummy stop being a bird and get a life and hop off homeboy. Take Crytek out ur mouth!!!!