FTG's World at War Live Comm Session 1 Game 2- That Was So Sad

"So, I’m back with the second episode of this epic series of World at War commentaries. Apparently, River had to point out in this video how sad I am at sniping in WaW. Don’t believe me? Watch and learn."- KalebKJC94

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maxcavsm2974d ago

Why are you still putting up videos of Waw? Shouldn't this be commentaries of Cod:Blops? :)

TheStonedSheep2974d ago

Wow, haven't heard anything from this game in ages, looks kind of fun actually.

PureDarkness2974d ago

Getting retro up in here.

JATOSIN2974d ago

Watching this video makes me sad that I traded in [email protected] might need to go pick this one up again maybe this time on the PS3

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