US WiiWare and DSiWare for Week of March 28th

"This week, players of any age are invited to check out new demo versions of games for the WiiWare service – one offering competitive darts challenges, the other giving preschoolers a fun way to learn by interacting with baby animals. For the Nintendo DSiWare service, there's a new version of a classic card game, plus a wild new photo-manipulation game that can turn an ordinary face into something eerie and outrageous. The wide selection of downloadable games for Nintendo systems truly has something for everyone."

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vgn242979d ago

Not sure why they always make Europe and US differ by like two games. Just release the same across the board. Maybe the Yanks might learn to like cricket, lol.

GunShotEddy2979d ago

Different regions have different licenses and laws. This mean that different publishers can hold the rights to the same game. Maybe localization takes longer for another. There are a lot of factors.

vgchica2979d ago

Pretty obvious that you don't understand the logistics involved in releasing a game. Why pay extra for a license to release a game in a region no one cares about? Example: Why pay to push a cricket game in the US if no one will buy it?