Moon Diver a timed PSN exclusive

Moon Diver is a PlayStation Network timed exclusive, Square Enix has confirmed.

It's due out in Japan and North America on Tuesday 29th March, and in Europe on Wednesday 30th March.

Moon Diver is seen by many as a four-player co-op version of classic platform action game Strider. It's designed by Koichi Yotsui, who was one of the leads on the first Strider game, published by Capcom and released in Japanese arcades in 1989.

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GrieverSoul2974d ago

I was caught by surprise on this one. Looks interesting.

AngelicIceDiamond2975d ago

Game looks pretty sick, wonder why they were gonna make it an exclusive anyway?

DigitalRaptor2974d ago

Fuck timed-exclusives.

It works in my favour, but not for the 360 peeps. That's not how a company should treat its fans.

Redempteur2974d ago

for ONCE there is atimed exclusive for PS3 ... i'll not complain .. nobody complains when it's the other way around

T3MPL3TON 2974d ago

Hmm, this is interesting.

Enigma_20992974d ago

...WHAT?!?!? SONY's doing it first this time???

My head asplode!!! Up is down, black is white, and time stands still!

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