First PES 2008 Review: 9.2/10 "Essential"

The first review of PES 2008 arrives this week in Xbox World 360 magazine and as usual it looks like Konami's footy effort has managed to beat out FIFA.

XBW gave PES an impressive 92 out of 100, praising the game's "perfectly balanced" gameplay and calling it "an essential purchase for all football fans." High praise indeed.

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mighty_douche4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

PRO EVO IS THE KING OF FOOTBALL!!! yes football, not soccer!

ENGLAND *clap clap* England *clap clap*, doent really work in text :)

paul_war4491d ago

I agree, i'm from the UK & as far as I am concerned this is the number 1 sporting game.

anh_duong4491d ago

i have pre-ordered this puppy so this is music to my ears.. lets just hope the ps3 doesn't get delayed.

resistance1004491d ago

Don't worry PS3 is lead platform for this title, the 360 version is a port of the ps3 version.

killer_trap4491d ago

i had no doubt about this game being great. but i'll get it for the ps3 just to play it with the digital pad.

redmamoth4491d ago

... you'll get the full range of movement with the d-pad. It now has 16 directions instead of the 8 that the original had.

killer_trap4491d ago

does anuone really use analogue when playing PES? i never saw one with my
own eyes, on the ps3 that is. i tried playing a couple of times with the analogue on the old xbox and it didn't suit me one bit.

nix4491d ago

been waiting for it.... ((((:

MaximusPrime4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

ive preordered this from "shopto" for £29.99. 40% off. ;) (PS3 version)

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The story is too old to be commented.