PSN and WiiWare not impacting XBLA popularity says Edery

Xbox Live Arcade's worldwide portfolio planner says Microsoft not threatened by Nintendo and Sony.

David Edery has told Develop that Nintendo's new more relaxed WiiWare system and PlayStation Network with its bigger file size limit are not impacting the prospects of Microsoft's digital distribution platform.

"We aren't seeing any reduction whatsoever in developer interest in XBLA, so we're pretty happy with the current state of things," he said when asked about what threat the two platforms pose, adding: "XBLA is the perfect environment in which to experiment with innovative gameplay and original IP."

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mighty_douche4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

what with all the pointless posts?

this is crap, if your a xbox owner it not like you can deside oh i know ill use the PSN today. as long as the xbox has a large install base and people have the internet of course XBL is going to do well.

this is commen sense not f*cking news...

sorry MK_Red, im not having a go at you, you do a wonderful job, its just lately people seem more conserned with numbers and sales figures, i come on here to find out if theres new info ON GAMES, i wanna know the latest MGS news, or PRO EVO information, not how many of 'X' console were sold over the last 48 hours, or how much money 'X' has made this year, non of that effects me as the gamer. oops starting to get angry.... relax... ahhhhh... better.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt4494d ago

yup this is another xbox fanboy post from the ppl that work on this site. we all no that the PSN has better games on it then xbla.. but xbl is jus bigger. and on the podcast can we stop with the fanboy stuff its annoying .

Sayai jin4494d ago

Your point that "we all know that the PSN has better games" is subjective.

razer4494d ago

Whatever dude.. PSN has a couple of great games and the XBLA has a bunch of great games.. Not sure how you came to the conclusion that PSN is superior. When it comes to selection and gametypes the XBLA owns all over PSN, but it's natural since it's been out longer.

marionz4494d ago

yeah im sorry i didnt know psn had better games, i think you are wrong but hey you are entitled to believe what you want

but i will say XBLA was doing really well before halo 3 came out, with sonic 1/2 streets of rage 2 puzzle fighter and so on, but now halo 3 is out the arcade games have gone to sh1t, its a real shame

and where the hell is SWOS?

Sayai jin4494d ago

The majority of people who buy a 360 purchase XBL which is large number and most people who have a PS3 use PSN and for those who have both systems probaly have both services. Most people who buy the Wii are not getting it for online play. XBL is a really good service and is still improving. PSN is an ever growing service tht Sony will not let fall to the side and soon they will introduce come. All though neither service are mandatory to have, they are both more a part of the gaming experience on the 360 and the PS3 than th Wii.

ItsDubC4494d ago

I can't comment on PSN but WiiWare is VERY much in its infancy. There aren't even WiiWare games available for download yet, which is supposed to be implemented Q1 08. As such, there is very little reason for any Wii-owners to use WiiWare at the moment. There are online features on the Wii outside of WiiWare such as the Everybody Votes Channel, but XBLA is still much more robust in terms of digital distribution.

I personally don't think Nintendo wants to get into the business of digitally-distributing anything that's not a game or is not game-related because unlike Sony and MS, Nintendo is primarily a game company.

DJ4494d ago

An Xbox owner isn't going to flock to an online service that isn't on their console; same goes for PS3 and Wii owners.

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