Best Places to Find 3DS in Stock

While the 3DS will be selling out in many Gamestops across the country, these retailers are sure to hold on to their stock for quite awhile. If you're searching for a 3DS, give these shops a look.

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Abash2975d ago

You can pretty much find a 3DS anywhere now. I dont think it's going to be sold out for weeks, depends if Nintendo sends small shipments next to have enough for the holiday season

eagle212975d ago

Anywhere? Yeah right... I guess maybe in that canadian store zellers (I never heard of it since I'm in the USA) but trolls seem to think it was

JBit922975d ago

The first thing I thought of when I saw that article was.... ?????? lol

JBit922975d ago

The current condition of Japan will make it harder to ship things out, and I'm sure Nintendo has a lot going on right now besides the 3DS. One of my friends works at Gamestop and he said they are already sold out, along with many other chains.