Top 10 Video Game Stores

"No, I don’t mean Gamestop or Best Buy. I’m talking about those blacksmith huts and potion shops you enter as you save the world. Even though you’re out there saving these shopkeepers from certain death, they still nickel-and-dime you every step of the way."- ChaingunPope

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Fir3truck2981d ago

Great idea for an article, loved it.

maxcavsm2981d ago

Whoops, walked right into that one. Thought this was about EB Games and Software Etc. :)

TheStonedSheep2981d ago

Yeah, it's a bit misleading, but a great article all the same.

Theparanerds2981d ago

haha nice list, I wish there was a little more writing but non-the-less good idea.

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