VG Chartz reports "State of the Industry"

VG Chartz posted a quick update on the state of the industry for Fall of 2007. The report reflects on the last generation between PS2, GameCube and Xbox, the parallel between Nintendo losing Rareware and Microsoft losing Bungie, and the new 40GB PS3 in Europe.

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wil4hire4080d ago

Where is the chart... or numbers? Or anything?

nasim4080d ago

last night they changed the downgraded ps3 sales in SPAIN from 196k to 236 k .They have downgraded ps3 sales fig in all EU territories.

MCV UK reported a month ago that ps3 sold over 250 000 consoles (to consumers) in Spain. SONY also released an official statement praising the SPANIARDS for this a MONTH AGO.

in UK ps3 has already sold over 500 000 consoles and they have it around 400k

I simply cant believe that VGCAHRTS sales threads are approved everytime???

Funky Town_TX4080d ago

I'm not a Sony faithful but come on guys. people wanted the pS3 to be cheaper and now they complain about not having BC. Is BC that important. I did not justify to $600 console but I do justify the $400 one. I hate Sony's arrogance and their failure to acknowledge gamers for making the PS brand successful. However I applaud them for making the PS3 cheaper. If you (gamers and xbox guys) don't see the value in the $400 PS3 then you never will see the value in gaming.

kn4080d ago

Maybe it isn't to that many people, but I still have a decent PS2 library I want to hang on to and would like to play on the PS3 using the PS3s ability to improve (slightly) the image.

I also have too many electronic gadgets as it is plugged in behind my TV. I have no plugs left and at this point adding anything else will trigger a circuit breaker. I also don't have any more inputs on my TV. When I get a PS3, something has to go and it won't be my Satellite, Wii, 360. It sure would be nice to be able to sell my PS2 for a bit of cash and get a PS3. As it is, I'll have to get a 60 or 80 gig instead of the new scaled back version.

I applaud Sony for giving customers what they want -- a lower priced unit. I just don't think it was such a great idea to remove what I believe to be a CORE functionality.

I know everyone will say yeah, but how many times will you play PS2 games on your PS3? Answer? A lot. My Wii still sees more gamecube games played on it than Wii games. I sold the cube on ebay...

Real Gambler4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Yes, Sony is doooomed. There's a white PS3 coming out as we speak. Poor Sony. What a big mistake. A white PS3. Sales will go down for sure.

C'mon, if you want BC, you buy a more expensive PS3 and you have BC. End of story. If you don't want a white PS3, you buy a black PS3. End of story.

Even if they decide to eventually remove BC on all their production consoles, there's 6 millions of them with BC already in the field. Buy one from Ebay.

Yes, BC is great. I love it. I already own a launch console. If I would have to buy a PS3 today, I would likely pay more and get one with BC. It's not gone. You have the choice. Same now with the white PS3. YOU DON'T have to buy a white PS3 if you don't like white. You can still buy a black one! Or paint it red, or blue ; )

DJ4080d ago

"Anything can happen." Oh, gee wiz, I didn't know that! The site still hasn't corrected its PS3 sales figures, which seems risky considering Sony already stated they sold between 5 and 6 million consoles back at TGS.

Real Gambler4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

fishamaphone's favorite game is :"Hide the Sausage"

Were you really expecting a very deep analysis??? I think his conclusion is definitively right "Will this generation keep on becoming more and more an opposite of the last? WHO KNOWS. It's a crazy, volatile world of video games nowadays. Anything can happen."

Nobody knows, not even him, there's too many years to go. Now, as other have said, this is vg chartz, bring on numbers, not guesses from somebody who's favorite game is "hide the saugage"

JasonPC360PS3Wii4080d ago

You used to run around here saying "it's all about the VGCHARTS" LOL now look. It's not VGcharts DJ we all know they are off, no it's about how it wouldn't matter if were VG or any other site reporting sales numbers because the PS3 is doing piss poor in sales on every site not just VG.

DJ4080d ago

It's common knowledge that VG Chartz isn't accurate. In the past, more specifically around 10 months ago, I thought it was accurate and was proven wrong. Since then however, I've let people know that while it is more accurate than (it has malware, don't visit it), it's still off by a considerable amount for both Xbox 360 sales and PS3 sales.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4080d ago the link is here in your comments DJ, all one would have to do is search your comments say around Nov and Dec last year and Jan and Feb this year "hint hint" Everything you say on N4G is recorded DJ, here is your sign "dee dee dee" (please hang that sign around your neck.)

Here is one of those links just for you DJ :-) notice the VGchart link you used, yeah that was one of many. Those of us who have been here for over a year know DJ.

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DrRage774080d ago

the hardware sales for the 3rd quarter are in and has the following breakdown for total sales for the 3rd quarter, along with average weekly sales for the past 3 months:

hardware - 1,349,203
weekly - 116,000

hardware - 875,000
weekly - 67,000

hardware - 502,730
weekly - 39,000

here is a link to the hardware sales numbers in the u.s. for the 3rd quarter (July 1 - September 29):

pilotpistolpete4080d ago

Wow! All consoles are in great shape. Go gaming industry!

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