Mark Rein: Unreal Tournament 3 PC Beta Demo Release within Two Weeks

Epic VP Mark Rein posted a short statement in the official forums on October 7 to announce that the Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Demo for Windows could be released within two weeks, possibly as early as this week.

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xhi44492d ago

he said that there wouldn't be any demo, it wouldn't be worth the time and effort, now with the PS3 coming out December/Jan they can focus on the PC gamers and continue their long time tradition of Unreal Beta Demos WOO

still a bit sad no UT3 for my ps3 this November :(

NRG4491d ago

I think the "demo not coming" only applies to console users, at least for now. Epic has always released demos before launch on computers to test the game on as many hardware configurations as possible. That's not a problem on consoles obviously. The UT community online for PC, including myself, are extremely picky about gameplay mechanics. :) In Unreal Tournament 2003, the final build was a lot different than the demo... at least to us.

mighty_douche4492d ago

i need it!!!!

WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! i like UT :)

this and crysis demo coming in a few weeks make me happy that i spent all that money on a pc!

xionpunk4491d ago

Yayuh! I loves me some UT. Cant decide whether to get it for PC or wait until i get 40gb PS3. Either way I'm trying out the PC demo.