New Crysis 2 patch coming later this week

DasReviews writes: "As we reported yesterday, PC pirates were able to play online on the official servers. Not for long however, which will definitely bring a smile to those that bought the game. According to Cry-Tom from MyCrysis, Crytek is preparing a patch that will resolve a lot of the post-launch issues. It will also include some improvements to Crysis 2′s security. These updates will be made available via automatic-download later this week.

Do not confuse this patch with the rumored DX11 update..."

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BeastlyRig2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )


Fred-G-Sanford2975d ago

I think that every day that goes by without that DX11 update is a day that PC gamers get more and more pissed off.

I think that PC gamers (understandably) feel that if this game hadn't gone multiplatform, DX11 (and many other features) would have been included with this game on day 1.

They need to get it done ASAP.

BeastlyRig2975d ago

I can care less about crysis 2 right now Im hyped for BF3, Red Orchestra & Rage!

I'll buy crysis 2 later..

Winter47th2975d ago

Get the console version.

Ace_19752975d ago

PC gamers don't matter anymore. Crysis 2 has sold a pitiful amount on PC, 360 has sold more than twice as many copies. And good for Crytek blocking pirates from playing their game. Pirates think everything in life should be free, bunch of hippies need prison time to sort them out.

BeastlyRig2975d ago

yeah & that is the reason we get a real BF3 game?

"btw: PC currently has more people playing and are in game servers than both the consoles."

"The PC had more players than either console not more than both consoles combined."

- http://forums.electronicart...

sales will be like this..

pc->360--> ps3


despite the fact PC only sold 15% of the total copies sold thus far?

Face it bud, Consoles is where the money is.

PC gaming is where the real gaming is.

PS360PCROCKS2975d ago

Figures...the worst part is IGNORING everyone. You're showing your true colors right now Crytek. I would understand if you gave me an explanation, yet they just ignore us.

dannybohy2975d ago

game looks really nice on the PC, but rest of it is typical console port arcade blast em up!!..not for me! glad I had chance to try it before i bought it! ;)

john22975d ago

Seriously, the game has a lot of issues/glitches/bugs that need to be fixed. And that's exactly what Crytek needs to address first. I'd take anyday a patch with important fixes than a gimmick DX11 update

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