Rise of Nightmares : First screens (Kinect Horror game)

Sega will release its Kinect action game Rise of Nightmares for Xbox 360 in Japan this spring. The game is said to be a Kinect version of The House of the Dead, featuring zombies and monsters running around the stage, and you battle them with weapons you find in the mansion, like brass knuclkes, knives, hatchets and chainsaw, or simply fight with bare fist. The story begins with protagonist's wife been kidnapped by monster, you chase them to a mansion in the forest, which is filled with zombies and monsters.

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Wizziokid2978d ago

since it's a kinect game I want to see how it plays not how it looks, does it have lag etc etc etc...

FrigidDARKNESS2978d ago

if you played House Of The Dead 1&2 this game is that but you're using your body movements instead of an on screen gun.

guigsy2978d ago

Looks like House of the Dead meets Condemned. A winning formula on paper, but I would like to see some gameplay footage first.

Stealth20k2978d ago

rails........what a suprise

like I said before. Casual and broken

plb2978d ago

House of the Dead was on rails but was fun so people could enjoy it if executed correctly.

guigsy2978d ago

Funny how people have never had a problem with on-rails games until the release of Kinect.

Raven_Nomad2978d ago

Bubbles for you. People just like to look for any excuse. Never mind that Kinect is less then six months old and they haven't even began to tap into it's capabilities.

They just want to hate on something.

Just_The_Truth2978d ago

every on-rails game before kinect used a controller like a light gun etc., you didn't have movement but you had accuracy, i think that's the biggest difference. Time Crisis is my favorite and even with that you've can take cover using a pedal but in the end it's not a game i'd play everyday. I think that's what bothers most people it's a system that should be in arcades promoted as much more.

ilikestuff2978d ago

it might be alittle weird cause ur punching and swinging ur arms instead of aiming while on rails. but it could work, if they make it so u walk around on your own it could be awesome

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