Dust 514: Breaking Boundaries Between Consoles And PCs

NextGN writes: "Though not too much information has been released on Dust 514, so far it already looking to be extremely promising. And, if CCP decide to stick to this concept, it might be one of the most original ideas for cross-platform game-play. Let’s hope to see an overload of information come flooding in around E3 2011."

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FudgeBear2982d ago

Man, from the looks of that game-play video, this game could rival Battlefield 3--especially with those cross-platform elements.

MidnytRain2981d ago

I haven't heard anything about this game in a long time. The idea sounded cool back then and it sounds promising now.

ATiElite2981d ago

Wah Wah i wanna play this on my PC.

I really like the innovation CCP has done in the gaming world. first Eve now Dust 514 being incorporated within the live Eve universe is another great idea.

an idea that i want on my PC...Wah wah wah!
(what console has the best KB/M support?)

AnxietyAttack2981d ago

Been playing Eve for 4 years now, Dust will be huge when it hits!I plan on enjoying this incredible gaming experience from both sides of the fence, both console and PC.

Jackel20722981d ago

kind of hoping for some new intel

Ravenor2981d ago

It's nice to know it's coming to the PC, I had thought it was announced as a console exclusive. As long as the gameplay is good and the Corporations get integrated nicely and we're able to create PMC's and junk like that I'll be happy.

Make it happen CCP, I know you love making games with menu's.

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