Shift 2 Unleashed Wallpapers in full 1080P HD

Check out these Shift 2 Unleashed Wallpapers in full 1080P HD.

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RatherHavaBigGirl2977d ago

only a few notches away from photo-realism

BiggCMan2977d ago

Hmm, don't quite think its that good looking to call photo realistic. Its nice though, but you can really see the flat textures in this picture. The bottom of the steering wheel, the drivers glove, and especially the grass on the outside.

RatherHavaBigGirl2977d ago

yeah, was referring to the body pics. should have made that clear

NotSoSilentBob2976d ago

This is closer to photo-realism and it is Prologue from 4 years ago.

Frenza2977d ago

Wouldn't it be more logical to use the resolution (1920x1080) in the title instead of 1080P, or maybe just add it to the title?

Skynetone2976d ago

heres my current wallpaper

and heres a good site for wallpapers

Frenza2976d ago

Is also a good site for wallpapers.

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