Uncharted Hands-on: Rumble on Blu-ray, No patch needed

GameSpy reports:
As the PlayStation 3 hits its second holiday season, few titles have gotten as much fanfare as Naughty Dog's Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. The adventure title has been as much of a showcase for the platform as Resistance: Fall of Man was during last year's console launch. Of course, the two titles have their differences across genres, but both are holiday flagship titles from two of SCEA's leading exclusive development houses. While we've tracked the progress of Uncharted for some time, we were presented with not only a few new levels to try out last week, but with a new enhancement to the game experience: a prototype of the Dual Shock 3.

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MK_Red4081d ago

Well, Nathan has come to rock PS3's and gamer's world. Rumble will certainly help this awesome game rock HARDER.

Bigmac5734081d ago

Nothing like the rumble of a controller while firing a pistol, automatic rifle, etc.

TheExecutive4081d ago

huh, some destructable environments huh? Thats sweet!

akaFullMetal4081d ago

sounds like this game is coming together really nicely

AngelOFDeath4081d ago

game looks great, anyone see that sniping video, I busted out laughing when the last dude got shot in the new and front flipped, beautiful animation

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The story is too old to be commented.