Ars Technica Reviews PGR4 7/10

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...

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razer4031d ago

I do respect this website, but 7 is too low for this game. It's at the very least an 8.5 IMO..

The blood is in the water.. just waiting for the sharks to arrive..

the worst4030d ago

microsoft didnt cut them a check
good but not great thats ok

Young Capwn4031d ago

i thought it was pretty much the same as PGR3.

GT is gonna pwn this game.

Close_Second4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago ) managed to roll off your mother long enough to make such a profound comment. What kind of f**king neanderthal would even compare an arcade racer to a driving simulator. F**king fanboys will do anything to spark a flame war against the other console.

If you want to compare GT5 against a 360 driving simulator then pick Forza. However, how about we compare the 5th generation Forza against GT5 rather than a 5th generation GT against a 2nd generation Forza.

What is it with you f**king fanboys...their ought to be a law banishing them from passing comment on anything.

power of Green 4031d ago

Well atleast its fun. Seems good to me one of the best racing experiances on the console. 7/10 Don't think so.

Wonder why this has such mixed reviews. I say high 8's to 9's depending what you're nit picking over so its give or take in the rage I mentioned in my opinion.

After all its their opinions , just don't know what they're looking at its just a nice looking arcade game thats all PGR ever was.

Have fun people.

Bonsai12144031d ago

so when a 360 game gets a mediocre review, its an opinion. but when it happens to a ps3 game, its factual?

but yeah, it is a fun arcade racer though. i enjoyed 3 a lot at my friends house

MK_Red4031d ago

I think it's unfair. It's not the best racing game ever but it has:
Awesomely cool graphics, lots and lots of cars and bikes and it has the kudos. 8.5/10 for me. Love the arcade+realistic feel.

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