Why Are Books Never Made Into Games?

CinemaBlend asks:

When was the last time you read an awesome book and then went to Gamestop and bought the game? (The Harry Potter games don't count as they're based off the movies, not the books.)

Why don't companies make books into games?

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MK_Red4054d ago

Good question. Hollywood is making movies on some books that are far better as a game and yet, only when the movie is made, a game dev makes a quick and dirty version based on the movie. (As the article suggests about Harry Potter movies)

driftwood94054d ago

what about rainbow six? i read the book and because of it i've been playing their games ever since

WilliamRLBaker4054d ago

rainbow six, The wheel of time are just 2 books into games that come to mind.

Panthers4054d ago

I dont think gamers read books. Maybe its just me.

spammy_nooo4054d ago

The answer is that books don't get enough exposure in this day and age.

and thats it.

what, were you expecting more?

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The story is too old to be commented.