8.0 Top Spin 4 Review

Top Spin 4 is an excellent game. What it lacks in facial animations, commentary and Kinect support, it more than makes up for with one of the best control systems in a tennis game to date. If the holy grail of gaming is “easy to learn, difficult to master” then no other crusaders need apply. Moreover, Xbox 360 owners will be happy to hear that the joypad controls are so subtle and intuative that you’ll never want for motion control.

If you are looking for an arcade-style smasher with lots of bells and whistles, you might want to wait a few weeks to see what Virtua Tennis 4 has to offer before you make your decision. But if you are looking for a deeper game that gets better with time and experience, Top Spin 4 is for you.

Top Spin 4 is a fantastic addition to perhaps the oldest genre in gaming. Truly worthy of the term “simulator”, it rewards patience and ingenuity with one of the most satisfying mechanics in gaming.

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