Wired Interviews Bungie's O'Connor on the Microsoft Split

In this interview, Bungie content manager and company spokesman Frank O'Connor talks with Game|Life about Bungie's relationships with Microsoft, Xbox 360 and Halo, as well as the studio's rationale for going independence, collaboration with Peter Jackson, plans for near-future expansion and projects, and Halo Wars.

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Drunken Moogle4486d ago

Bring the flame i don't care but i've seen many company's break off of big industry game developers like Sony and Nintendo and there games went multi why,well cash of course like Lara Croft,Leon Kennedy even Sonic.So to say Master Chief too PS3 or Wii will happen is a a good possibility maybe.Also just one weird thing RUMOR ALERT but its weird how halo keeps popping on PS3 sku's like in Japan not saying there not joking around but i've never seen Sony ever use that strategy before like that hints or misses who knows but very interesting just saying.

otherZinc4486d ago

M$ owns the HALO game, period. So SONY & Wii would need to ask M$.

Drunken Moogle4482d ago

I heard Bungie owned the rights just saying?