Mass Effect: The Role Playing Game

The second part of Gameplayer's hands-on time with Mass Effect looks into the RPG element, including some interesting answers from BioWare founder Dr. Zeshuck on planned DLC and sequels.

"There's a massive variety of weapons and armour, all of which are upgradeable or breakable down into a component gel that can be used to build other items."

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the worst4117d ago

this is no game
its a $60 movie

razer4117d ago

No and No.

You don't know a thing about this game do you?

Hate on!

Close_Second4117d ago

...many have called the MGS franchise as nothing more than a series of interactive movies but because its a PS3 exclusive they value it more than their own life. So, don't come in here trying to start a flame war over your perecption of an exclusive 360 game.

If you dont own a 360 or intend getting this game then f**k off.

mesh14117d ago

the worst has scared memory's of playing heavenly crap i.e hs that he spent 6 hours watching hs instead of playing it so ppl have pitty on him he is a lonely ps3fangirl

power of Green 4117d ago

Who's posting this? lol almost like this person's trying to twist how the reviewers feel about the game.

They sounded like they could barely control themselfs yet somebodies trying to edit this with an agenda.

spikesld4117d ago

Now this is a must buy who needs x-mas when you got November COD4, Assasain's Creed, and Mass Effect....360 FTW.

Zhuk4117d ago

Only Xbox 360 gives gamers truly next gen experiences like Mass Effect, with pixar quality graphics and genre crossing gameplay Mass Effect is a big contender for both RPG and Game of the Year.

There are so many potential Game of the Years on Xbox 360 its a great time to be a gamer, unless you only own a PS3 then your stuck with PS2 games and Lair

Double-Edged4117d ago

and even raises the bar for RPGS.
which is a good thing.