Mass Effect: The First Person Shooter

Gameplayer has taken a hands-on look at the combat in the innovative new title, Mass Effect. The game is being developed by BioWare, who are not experienced in shooters. The article includes some quotes from the company's founder, Dr Greg Zeschuk.

"BioWare said it considers the Mako - the all-terrain vehicle that you control on uncharted worlds - to be another team-member. Normally it moves like one of Halo's Warthogs on its bobbling multiple large-tyred wheels, but then it jumps and you realise what its movement resembles most is a cautious cat sneaking up on a piece of string."

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celticlonewolf4080d ago

Anyone who thinks that the 360 is not this gen and is last gen needs to take a look at this game plus the others that have come out before and in the futre and see how stupid that comment is.

Mr Marbles4080d ago

yes that is true, the 360 and PS3 are about the same when it comes to power, they just are, most technical types say 360 is more powerful but if you include all the negatives and positives of both and add them up, like say bluray vs no bluray, I think they come out the same.

It is just fanboys, Sony marketing, and gaming journalists who claim the PS3 is so much more powerful. Those who can actually disect the two machines and know what they are talking about say otherwise.

InMyOpinion4080d ago

And it's 40+ hours long, on a single dual-layer dvd. That's more than enough for me.

wageslave4080d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

"Mass Effect looks astounding. Even if you turn off the default grain filter and motion blur it's the best-realised world on Xbox 360; it really feels like you're watching Star Trek or some other high-budget SFX-heavy show. The combat is pretty damn fine as well but, even so, it's still a side-show to the adventure."

Its the engrossing story line that Im looking forward too. If it turns out to be a visual tour-de-force (as is expected) all the better, but a great Sci-Fi Adventure game? Hell yeah!

Too bad BioWare wont make games for the PS3DO, maybe they can figure out how to get something to work on that shoddy development environment Sony dumped on the devleoper world in 2004 that no one can figure out yet.

Now, it looks like Mass Effect will be another Xbox 360 Exclusive contender for Game of the Year.


Looks like the first reputable review is in:

"Best science fiction story since Star Wars, and best story in a video game, ever"

sgaap4080d ago

No realtime weapon change? :P

M1am1U4080d ago

I believe this game will be a strong contender for GOTY as well. I'm very excited about it. It keeps looking better and better IMO.

wageslave4080d ago

The game is supposed to be massive, with 50-70 hours of gameplay. I dont think the PS3DO owners realize that the limiting factor isnt disc space, but Budget.

And, now that Microsoft has said that developers can use the harddrive for game-caching, the whole space issue is moot.

Boy, if I had the misfortune of owning the Sony Film (MPAA) and Music Studio (RIAA) Blue-ray DRM lockdown device -- the POS3, I'd be one angry fangirl.

I'd hate to see the disappointed faces of game-players this Christmas if their parents dump a PS3 under the tree. Maybe if Sony cut out some more parts and dropped the price down to the Wii-level, somebody might make some games for the thing?

Marceles4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

If anyone remembers, there was a game called Cyberia in 1994 that shares alot of the aspects of this game: great visuals, interactive audio conversations that determine the outcome later in the game, etc. The game seems like it'll be cool, i'm just not in "OMG GOTY FTW!!!!!" mode yet since i dont want to overhype it...but i still cant wait to hear and see more details about the game

ShiftyLookingCow4080d ago

nothing against you, but I dont think you know Bioware, they are proven to be one of the best western studios. Something should be terribly wrong if this title isnt AAA.

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