Now Gamer: The 3rd Birthday review

Now Gamer: To be fair, while it isn’t exactly helping forward the feminist cause in gaming, it doesn’t actually break the game in any way – it’s just an irksome point, especially with claims being made by developers that these decisions were made for decent reasons.

But minor irritants and arguments about the position of female characters in videogames absolutely do not detract from what is a fun experience.

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NeloAnjelo2976d ago

Now hurry up and give us a console version of Parasite Eve!

Inception2976d ago

"Buy this game first, than we're talk!"
that's what SE said buddy

NeloAnjelo2976d ago

Yeah. I just miss this franchise. It gave my original PS a workout! Definitely picking it up for PSP.

CLOUD19832976d ago

This game is not Parasite Eve it's a shooter starring Aya Brea from PE, if u want to buy a new and Epic game keep your money if u don't want to throw it away and disappointed later, and buy this game release 29 March tomorrow, expect 50-60 hours of gameplay minimum, 3rd Birthday is 10 to 15 hours and I don't think u will want to play it twice..