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"Closing Comments
PGR 4 is a fun arcade racer, but lacks the polish of previous iterations. The menu system leaves something to be desired, the career mode is not very good, and the addition of motorcycles falls a bit flat. However, the fundamentals of PGR remain intact. It's still wickedly fun to drift. There are elements, such as the new garages and the implementation of the career mode, that seem half-hearted. While it's hard to imagine Bizarre Creations wouldn't put its full effort behind PGR 4, there's a definite lack of polish that was not an issue with previous iterations. Nonetheless, PGR 4 is one of the better arcade racers on 360. It just doesn't do enough new things right to push the series in a positive direction."

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toughNAME4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

this isn't as good a review as I expected

but last time I checked..this game is averaging 87%

for sure pickin this up

Maddens Raiders4494d ago

You would still pick it up right? Why? Are you proving a point or do you like the game? Stop throwing up ranking links - it makes you look desperate and sometimes just plain foolish, especially when done trying to prove something against a PS3 title. Looks like IGN doesn't agree w/ your rankings there and we all know how you feel about IGN, so it works both ways. Trolls, troll -- players play and you're not a troll are you? Of course not. I play games, not reviews. Looks like you *may as well. =]

toughNAME4494d ago

i will be picking this up because

PGR was the first game i ever played on xbox

PGR3 was the first game i ever played on 360

and ironically PGR2 was my favourite of the 3

countless hours of fun from each one...i expect PGR4 to be similar :)

Close_Second4494d ago

...the average % value does help determine whether or not I will buy a game. I was hoping PGR4 would average over 90% but as it stands now, I will rent this before deciding to buy.

Yes I have enjoyed PGR1-3 and was expecting PGR4 to be a true next gen version of the game. Sounds a little as though its not quite there yet...maybe PGR5...maybe...

sticky doja4494d ago

(traded in an extra copy of Halo 3 at walmart for this) Looks like I'll be trading it in for the Orange Box tommorow.

TheSadTruth4494d ago

All racers seem to be so unappealing to me... the ones on the Xbox are last gen graphically with an extreme lack of polish while the ones on the PS3 like GT3 look incredible, are just boring. And of course the ones on Wii are just kid's games.. when will someone make a decent next gen racer?

secret4494d ago

1) PS3 multiports plus PC versions of Halo, Gears, Bioshock = custom built xbox360 without the online fees and red-ring-of-death or any other hassles of xbox360. Any game worth having on the xbox360 is mostly going multiport or is available on the PC that almost everyone has already. If you own a PS3 first, there is no desire to buy an xbox360. If you start off with an xbox360, you'll most likely feel the need for a PS3 at some point.

2) XBOX360 is the most expensive console this generation. Add up the cost to buy a standalone bluray player (most likely a PS3 if you like games) because almost all hi-definition movies will be out on bluray. Or add up the cost of an standalone HD-DVD player and / or Bluray player. Now add all the costs including the games, the movies, the accessories, the online gaming fees. Unless people don't want hi-defintion movies, they'll be forced to buy one or both of these hi-definition devices because the 360 lacks them.

This is going way out of hand. The 360 is a defective machine. It's loud. It lacks features. It's the most expensive console right now (sneakily expensive, albeit). It's loud. It's ugly. It's HD-DVD add on has the worse picture quality on earth with no movies at all. After three years of existences, it has only three good titles at most out of a sea of junk games. And any games worth having on the 360 are either coming to the PS3, is already on the PS3, or will be available on anyone's computer. And it's graphics aren't even that great compared to GT5, MGS4, KILLZONE2, or even Motorstorm. In fact, because most multiplatform developers focus on the 360 because it has a larger customer base at the moment, developers are capping off this generation's graphical potential because the 360 obvioulsy has its limitations. THE 360 IS A LIABILITY TO ALL GAMERS THIS GENERATION.

For instance, Ninja Gaiden Sigma is barely a remake port of an old xbox first gen game. It's made by a small group of kids with limited resources and absolutely zero experience on the PS3. And yet, the graphics are even better in some cases to the XBOX360's Ninja Gaiden 2, which is headed by Itagaki himself and his full blown team with more than a decade of experience with the xbox format. Ninja Gaiden 2 is basically a third to fourth generation title. And yet it looks no better than a first gen title on the PS3. And this is my point. Had the xbox360 not existed and the developers were forced to make Ninja Gaiden 2 for the PS3 exclusively, we'd see some sort of graphical breakthrough. But because the xbox360 does exists, graphics have been capped off for all gamers.

wageslave4493d ago

8.7 / 10 makes Project Gothum Racing 4 better than every SINGLE OTHER GAME on the PS3 except TWO.

Oblivion and Ninja Gaiden Sigma -- ports from the Xbox 360 to the PS3 are the only two that score better.

The Sony fanboys are so PISSED off that the PS3DO is delivering bad games, that they submit the worst game reviews and to say "ah! HA! Xbox 360 doenst have any good games".

AGAIN, Project Gothum 4 has better average scores than EVERY OTHER EXCLUSIVE PS3 to date.

The SDF has taken over n4g and is trying *really* hard to make reality reflect their worldview.

Its just sad to watch.

Another game that is going to have them up-in-arms? This one:

I cant wait to see the SDF reviews that get posted to n4g by the Sony fanbots.

CrimsonReLLiK4493d ago

The next retard to be moved to the 1 bubble club.
Spouts the same idotic nonsense over and over like a robot, but does it in many words so that it looks like it has some merit. It's no secret.

SlappyMcTaint4493d ago

In other words, it was rushed out and limited by DVD-9. That missing extra polish is the stuff that put them over the 9gb limit of DVD9.

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Crazyglues4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

It's a much better racing game then before as the roads and the weather are a nice in this...

But like IGN said some things are missing-or could have been done better, but all in all good racing game. If you like racing then this is your game.

Just got the Master Garage and I'm racing with the super cars now... baby

wageslave4493d ago

Of course you'll like it.

It has a 8.7 / 10 on Metacritic. The only people who dont like it, is the SDF fanbots trying to spread FUD.

Wait until they can't play this game:

jaaz4493d ago

So, if for whatever reason you don't like PGR4, you are a Sony fanboy. Hmmm... Guess I'll be using the ignore button again.

SofaKingReetodded4493d ago

is the same idiot that would rag endlessly on a PS3 title if it doesn't score a perfect 10.

but according to the high standards of xbots PGR4 is not a AAA title, or does that only apply when it's a PS3 game?

ironwolf4494d ago

the MS Racing wheel sucks. Otherwise, its a gorgeous piece of eye candy.

BloodySinner4494d ago

Wow... I guess I'll hold off on the purchase. I'll wait for a special deal from a retailer or somehting.

Marcellus Wallace4494d ago

I love this game. Addicting as hell. Plus, it looks gorgeous.