3DS “black screen of death” error reports creep in

Reports from multiple users suggest the 3DS is suffering from a recurring crash issue, across multiple titles.
Posts on NeoGaf, AVForums, and DigitalSpy report freshly christened “black screen of death” error requiring a hard reset of the system.

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soren2980d ago

oh boy this is ether happening to hackers or a fucked up first batch

DigitalHorror812980d ago

It could definitely be related to the format of the SD card as mentioned since it named a lot of the games that launched with the system. If it's not the software, and not the hardware, it might very well be the format of the SD card. Hopefully they resolve the issue soon.

soren2980d ago

really? intresting and scary so the game would most liklely work wit out a sd card in it? i hope this dont happen 2 me

AGamerOfConsoles2980d ago

Could it be a software update maybe? I haven't updated mine yet.

hiredhelp2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

wow devs not testing games bring out patches and now' not testing new hardware. sorry i will read the article now.

well seems like if its doing this on games not just 1 game it could be hardware issue. was this happening with 3D enabled or without.

soren2980d ago

i havent had a issue but i just got one today hope this crap dont happen thank god for nintendos warenty and warenty exstention

DigitalHorror812980d ago

I hope this isn't due to hacking the system. If it is...."IN YOUR FACE, HACKER(S)"!

And if it's Hardware related..Thank God for the warranty and my apologies. I hope you get it fixed and enjoy your system. I saw a demo unit with PilotWings Resort today. IT WAS AMAZING!

Stealth20k2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I am pretty sure this is a hacking thing. Ive had it for a full day and a japanese 3ds and nothing like this has happened to me

its funny the bias on this site that only the bad articles are getting posted.

Id like to see just 1 "3ds doubles wii preorders in US" article posted

that might be too positive

@ below
it could also be just isolated. My ps3 freezes, my wii freezes, my 360 dies, my ds lite hinge broke.My psp umd drive broke. Shit happens to all systems

From what Ive been reading across the web the 3ds is pretty amazing and all this doom and gloom, crap is pretty much insane.

phatzo2980d ago

its to early for that many people to have hacked the handheld. just read the forums on neogaf!

soren2980d ago

there is an r4 out and those r illigal so maybe ppl bought that

DigitalHorror812980d ago

The homebrew community is huge. I remember seeing several Nintendo DS systems having Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games on THE FIRST month OF launch. Free ROMS easily make up the price of the 3DS, and normal DS Hardware.

Kon2980d ago

Apparently Microsoft helped develop the 3DS

Saint-Revlot2980d ago

I laughed. Here's a bubble.

Neko_Mega2980d ago

This is why it isn't to good of an idea to get systems when they first come out. Almost every game system that has come out has had a problem with the first shipment.

DigitalHorror812980d ago

I agree with you, but at the same time disagree. This is one of the reasons we have a standard 1 year warranty on video game hardware like this.

soren2980d ago

your 100% right about that but if its a main issue u get it replaced by nintendo alwasy free with or without warenty

Neko_Mega2980d ago

True but how many people are going to do that?

Less I check more people went out and brought a new Xbox 360 in stand of sending it in.

radphil2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I dunno why you're getting massive disagrees for this situation, but honestly it's true. People went with the thought of "Either wait for them to send it back, or just buy a new one"

It's no joke either. I've seen people just use their money like that from a LOT of customers when first batches come out for a new system. -_-

And issues are common to happen on the first batch of systems. The dead pixels and easily cracked hinges comes to mind on the original DS.

Etseix2980d ago

i bought the ps3 80gb with bw compatibility (MotorStorm edition) 4 ubs ports, and some other stuff, and ! trust me i still think it was a great idea spend 550 dlls for it that time :D

miyamoto2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

well for me this goes for any new hardware upon launch, console or mobile phone whatever...

will not get the first version of the 3DS or the NGP but instead enjoy my PS3 Slim and wait for the 3DSi XL or NGP 2 coz by that time the hardware are cheaper, more stable & effecient with better features, and I already have a decent library of the better games with updated content or DLCs.

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The story is too old to be commented.