Nintendo takes 3-D gaming to the market in a second attempt to nudge gamers in a new direction

With the Nintendo 3DS, the Japanese video game company is betting that it can once again nudge mass entertainment in a new direction, just as it did nearly five years ago when it launched the Wii with its innovative motion-based controller.

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SicK_Scope2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

I really cant see paying that much for a handheld when i can get an xbox for that i mean with the technology not being the best i might wait but the phones that are suppost to have the 3D screens sound like they will be cool i hope the price will be better on those.

Queefy_B2977d ago

3D is irrelevent at the moment and also conside rthe fact that a 3ds costs more than a ps3, that being said im sure its a good device but a costly one, i hope the ngp is the same price tho and not over 300.

STK0262977d ago

Where do you live for the 3DS to cost more than a Ps3? Here (in Canada) the 3DS is 249 while the Ps3 is at 299. The 3DS is however, more expensive than the X360 4GB, which sells for 199.

MagicGamer2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

3-D is irrelevant? First, before you say it make sure you can spell it. Second, you must be kidding me right? Remember when the automobiles first come out the farmers said that they would never replace the horse. They were loud and smelly and scared their animals. Well pull your horse out on the interstate today and see what happens to it. It will get run over by all the automobiles. Change is inevitable, whether you embrace it or not. Get on board now or try jumping on the bandwagon after it has passed you by. Your choice.

Stealth20k2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

The price is pretty much a non factor. In the united states alone the 3ds has doubled wii preorders and crushed original ds ones

"pre-orders for the 3DS are nearly double what they were for Nintendo’s incredibly popular Wii gaming console, . The information comes from Nintendo sales data given to analyst Colin Sebastian at Lazard Capital Markets. It is an impressive feat, thanks in no small part to the device’s much-talked-about glasses-free 3D gaming. Especially given the fact that the handheld’s $250 price tag actually makes it more expensive than the $200 Wii, which also launched at $250."

And considering the 3ds isnt launching around the holidays like the wii did. Around the holidays when stock is at its all time high. Watch out competitors

MagicGamer2977d ago

The gamer society is a little more ready to accept the 3-D concept today actually looking forward to it.

stlbeast12977d ago

i think if 3-D gaming will be sweet without the glasses

MagicGamer2977d ago

3-D gaming is the future man. Better get used to it.

stlbeast12977d ago

i kno its the future we might even be playin holograms some day

SicK_Scope2977d ago

I think 3D gaming is that last step be for we hit no controller or consle gaming it will kinda be like that movie gamer that is just my thoughts..

stlbeast12977d ago

it might be hard for ppl to get used to the idea of 3-D gaming but its just like the transition between black and white tvs to color technology evolves get used to it

StrmKyk2977d ago

Im only 18 but in the future all my kids will probably be playing is 3D games

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